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by Aviators

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Arknia08 thumbnail
Arknia08 I never really paid much attention to Stargazers since it came out, for some reason. But I decided to buy the CD for collectors purposes. And I can't believe this gem has flown under my radar (pun intended) for so long. Favorite track: Apocalypse State of Mind.
traskadon thumbnail
traskadon Always a fan of good instrumental tracks, great vocals, and compelling stories, to which this album has all 3. Another easy win for Aviators and another fantastic album on the record. Favorite track: Welcome to Paradise.
Hipercreative thumbnail
Hipercreative Two years after I bought the digital album I've made the decision to get my hands on the CD as well, and after such a long wait I can finally put it on my shelf. Such an excellent album. Favorite track: Chaos Theory.
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Oblivion 06:08
Sinners from their homes abroad Servants of a lesser god They thought it stood to reason To crucify their treason Redemption came from triggers pulled Young and weak thrown to the wolves I feel them I feel them One in all, and all for some The desperate carry loaded guns Peace was lost to violence The righteous stood in silence Inaction of those who knew Betrayed the remaining few I fear them I fear them Let the broken heroes rise Let the victors take their prize No one wins when justice dies War has let this age begin It's where we've gone and where they've been What a state that we're in Here in oblivion Bitter nightmares, sweetened lies Genocide was in their eyes Screams drowned out by cheering The end was surely nearing No one dared to take a stand Eye for eye and hand in hand I see them I see them Puppet strings pulled from above Money spent to buy more love Kings in crystal towers Bring these final hours Citizens with spirit left Brought to trial and tried for theft I'll free them I'll free them When the bombs fell, then we knew The values we believed weren't true Growing shadows, crimson skies Hate would win as heroes died Spared were some, but very few We paid the price, and so will you No one's safe tonight No one's safe tonight Oblivion awaits us all We take control, embrace the fall Making the corrupted right Chasing after dying light Change the timeline, change the course Take them on with damning force Through fire we're taking flight Through fire we're taking flight
Where will you be when walls give way When it's crashing down, and falls away A wishful thought won't take you far When hell on earth is where you are Win or lose you pay the price someday Welcome to paradise For thieves and kings alike The wasteland tolls Our mortal souls tonight Game on, it's time to shine Our lives are on the line In ruins we strive We'll never thrive Without the will to survive It's a brutal curse to call this home Where the good men die and evil roams A thousands lives claimed by this land The passing cleanse, the fall of man Do or die, we fight to survive Where will you be when we rise again When our enemies will meet their end It's a whisper turned a battle cry We're still here 'cuz we refuse to die
Where can I bury all of my suffering Casualties of poison and pride Where is the line between losing everything And giving it all to say that you've tried When I dared to dream of something greater I flew away into the sky Nothing's going to fill the space between you and I And I felt the world grow so much colder As we drifted away over time Living in the past in our apocalypse state of mind Where can I find some kind of a remedy A cure for my pain, a rest for my eyes Where can I pray, when nothing means anything In some kind of cage no God could devise Now can you hear the sounds of a melody Playing a tune, to soften our hearts We can move on past all of the memories The lapses in faith, that time will impart Take me to places beyond our biosphere Into the unknown, where we could reside Find me in winter when all the paths are clear In cities of ash, we're healing in time
Immortal 05:17
We walk along this ashen trail Through war and fire They doubted freedom would prevail We're climbing higher When the broken call I will stand up tall It's all over, there's change in the air If we fall tonight We will shine a light Upon justice, to make this game fair We are immortal When destiny reigns And no one can stop this Hellbound train When history listens Will they know our names? We are immortal 'cuz Legends remain We make our own way, we rebuild The cities razed Our prophecy is self-fulfilled For better days When the broken call I will stand up tall It's all over, there's change in the air If we fall tonight We will shine a light Upon justice, to make this game fair We rise where heroes fell Inside a man made hell Through streets of blood and dust Where weapons turn to rust We're the fire We're the change We're the lost ones We're the storm We're the last Ammunition Through the smoke Through the bruised Fallen brothers Pushing on To save all Of the others
Chaos Theory 06:52
When I called you from the darkness When I whispered in the rain The cries unheard were cries of my own pain It's a monster's cell I lived in When you left me here alone When you left it all behind and took your throne Our one last chance Deliverance Was thrown away when you Left me here like the rest Now it's my time Vengeance is mine And here I think I might just Put my chaos theory to the test Could you bear to see me like this? Could you look at what you've done? You've stepped into a game that can't be won Now you see what I've been thinking Now you've stared into the sun Now I'm going to kill them all, except for one When broken hearts Start to fall apart Malice takes takes hold of the damned Your words alone Your heart of stone Made me into what I am I'm not insane I'm victimized Just scarred and bent on Burning everything before your eyes Now watch me do What I do best Unafraid of you I'll put my chaos theory to the test
Wolves 05:22
I have seen the better days But now they're far away Lost beneath the sand I have lost the ones I knew And barely made it through This broken, barren land Breathing I embrace the feeling Of despair that keeps me Standing on my own I'm no hero Starting back at zero It's an unfair world so To the wolves I'm thrown To the wolves I'm thrown I, the messenger of loss Have traveled at a cost To save their legacies I, the stranger in the wind A man of many sins Alone with memories Will we meet again Somewhere at the end Somewhere far beyond this place It's a hopeless cause But I'll fight the odds For a chance to see your face
Game Over 04:02
Hold your breath we're going under Taking on the rain and thunder I would take on anything for you Split screen co-operation You are my motivation I'll watch your back, I always do We'll make it out alive We're side by side When monsters block the way we'll take them down We're getting closer Just ahead We're not out yet With you I think that we've already won It's game over When we have been defeated No other wins are needed I'm feeling like a winner next to you We'll keep on getting stronger With these battles growing longer We've got a chance to see this through Give this level one more try Make it out before we die Never let it get the best We can still complete the quest Hold me close and watch behind Look around and you will find We're halfway to the end already Take this potion, level two Now we don't know what to do Facing new obstacles here Trying to combat our fear Game over, we're out of lives Let's just give it one more try We've still got each other, baby
Ammunition 05:18
The broken cities we knew are gone We're taking the place where we belong We rise tonight We're born to fight Not rebels but defenders Of our rights Through clouds of smoke, and the burning skies Singing out with our freedom cries We couldn't see We're meant to be The soldiers who Set our brothers free We are the ammunition Bullets set on shooting down the lies This is the acquisition Taking back the silenced, stolen rights We're making history tonight The faces that we wore have changed We're marching through a nation all too strange From red and white To envied green Words constructed By the men behind the screen We take our place now to restore The purpose that we shared before Our path ends here Now make them fear Our cause to wipe the record clear When we all Stand as one We have power We can't run We're taking on a sea of faces Raise your flags Lift your voice Take your side Make your choice To move along to better places
Here I am, waiting for the outcome Of a struggle that has grown so tiresome Whispers in my mind keep taunting me I believe that I found a purpose But they say that I don't deserve this Too late now, the end is where I'll be We're setting sail tonight Who knows where we're going But I will take the chance Just take my hand and fly Eyes on the skies ahead now And never look down I'm feeling brave here I see what is coming And it's been worth the ride Free of our fears The end's in sight Who's going to stop me now? Break the ice, clear the air, let's get this straight No one knows how it hurts when they spread hate Every word cuts deeper than the last Here I am, left in broken parts now No one sees how it stings, when you're left out But we're just pushing on to better days When the sun won't shine It's chance for you and I Sing in the rain, and make the best We face whatever comes next We can't give up now We'll make our mark somehow Take on the world with no regrets Our song isn't over yet
Break my heart and get it done Take your shot, but don't you run Away from me again Away until the end Take a chance, come back, you're safe Chemistry you can't erase From our own paradise Our cold hearts filled with ice Nobody wants to walk the road alone We're ten thousand miles from home And I don't want to disappear Where do we go from here? Nobody wants to play a useless part In matters of the heart I'm standing here so far away I'll meet you at the end someday Took a chance, you stole my heart Left me here to fall apart With you I walked through fire The flames of our desire Ghosts of what we used to be Haunt my mind, and torture me Voices from the past Our days are fading fast I'm breaking We're fading But you're not alone One more try For tonight I can't do this on my own Feels like after all this time We should have known we'd be here tonight But I can't let you give up on Everything we had and we believed was gone I need you to feel again Meeting here somewhere at the end I believe we can start anew All I need to know is that I stand with you
The end has come and left us all Nothing to break the fall In pieces we all strive to walk again Ruins and fragments make our homes To rest my shattered bones To heal the past, to make amends I think it's beautiful How poisoned skies remind me I'm a ghost Behind the veil I think it's wonderful How I lost the part of me I need the most Like I was born to fail Another day just scraping by No home or means to thrive I'm hunting down a dream that burned away I've buried far too many souls The ones the wasteland stole I should have known the light would start to fade I can't contain the pain I feel But if it doesn't hurt it isn't real Living in the world ablaze The hunt is over, I'm in chains
I'm feeling watched Like no one's on my side And I confess I feel the stress We've got a problem to address We're compromised The truth unknown A secret kept from me The worst I fear With traitors here Our cause will slowly disappear Into debris One of us here's a glitch in the system Someone's been hiding in plain sight One of us set the gears in motion Someone sent from the other side To break us Take us On our knees To sabotage The movement we Uphold So I've been told We're losing control No soul to trust Suspicions are my own I won't let go Until I know Who's engineered this undertow The threat unknown I'll never let All that we've fought for fall It's all for naught Until we've caught The founder of this evil plot They'll never take us all Are you a traitor or have I lost my head This creeping notion's got me torn into shreds Is there a spy Here passing by Or is there more than meets the eye I've lost control, I've lost my mind
Hello, don't be shy I'll take you to the sky We'll fly away To better days ahead Hello, take my hand There's poison in the sand Don't worry I Can purify What's dead I can't let you slip away The world's in disarray No one should have to stay I will take away the pain When only I remain To feel the acid rain Hello, I'm the wind Guiding as you ascend So far away From better days ahead Hello, I'm the one The night sky and the sun I breathe this air In rivers running red I'll take you away To somewhere that the skies aren't quite so gray I'll be your escape The stars that lie above us will embrace
Remains 08:13
Human minds Frail and scared Freed by death, and death is fair Hopeless souls Play a part In my wicked work of art Such relief Every time Taking life, to take what's mine At the end Here we lie Here we're killers or we die When the world was turned to gray The hatred wouldn't go away Resentment in chains In the coldest of all hearts A voice descends, the light departs Madness remains Play the game Paint your scene Taking this to the extreme Masterpiece Dark design Your last moments, only mine It's a need Here in dust Kill the world that stole from us Take your place Let it be In my crimson symphony I feel it in my bones A need to be your god A need to strike you down When order disappeared And madness took control The conscience in me drowned I want to be your guide Into the afterlife It's a gift, look past the pain like I do I want to see your eyes Just before your demise When only fear remains inside you
Don't mind the noise outside the door It's just a phantom, nothing more No need to give yourself a scare When you glance and no one's there I don't want to have to hurt you It's not your fault I felt his rage Just a child about your age But something drives me to this place I can see him in your face You'll never know the hell I've seen Don't fear what's coming We can't fight off the urge inside It's dark and you're afraid of The devils that come out at night Let's make this easy Soon you'll haunt these beasts you hated No need for sleep tonight Sweet dreams are overrated I'm just a whisper in the void No one's there, you're paranoid I'm just a trick of your own mind Blink your eyes once and you'll find I'm just a ghost inside your head Don't fear your fate that soon arrives It's a deadly lullaby You'll be with us very soon Another spirit in the room Take your place among the lost You can't wake From this dream No one will hear you screaming So hold on For the ride I'll take you with me tonight This nightmare This prison Inside the suits we live in Don't fear me Together We'll have sweet dreams forever


Stargazers is an post-apocalyptic concept album about civilization rebuilding after times of war, and starting anew. The themes presented are directly following 2014's "Building Better Worlds", and the conflict and resolution that the album portrayed. Musically the album is a turn to early 90's influenced New Wave, with songs like "Oblivion" and "Losing Control" echoing bass-driven anthems of the era.

CONTENT WARNING: Stargazers is about disaster, death, and apocalyptic scenarios. While hope is found in many stories told on the album, some songs contain violence, descriptions of war, and in the case of "Remains", a dark look into a killer's mind. If you tend to be sensitive to such issues, please tread lightly.


released March 8, 2016


all rights reserved



Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

Aviators is a Southwest Florida indie musician specializing in fantasy rock and gritty synthpop. Many songs are inspired directly by beloved video games, shows, films, and novels.

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