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Dystopian Fiction

by Aviators

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triplej26 Like many people have said before me, this is a fantastic album from start to finish. I would've got the CD for this but, I decided to let others have it. Dystopian Fiction is a real fine work of art. Being a prequel to Stargazers and revolution of Building Better Worlds the entertaining story through these songs is excellent.

It offers a nice variety of instrumental emotion feel to them just like Stargazers despite liking the predecessor more. Very tough to pick a favorite in this great album. Favorite track: Eye of the Storm.
AnonyMap thumbnail
AnonyMap Damn this song gives me chills Favorite track: Eye of the Storm.
Nicolas Perreault
Nicolas Perreault thumbnail
Nicolas Perreault A Great Album form start to Finish Favorite track: Dystopian Fiction.
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Think I need to bleed to heal it Think I want to start by feeling human To keep on moving In it for the absolution Safety from the persecution out there Beneath the nightmare So wake me when it's over When high above The morning sun arrives unbroken No more final words are spoken anymore Don't listen to the screaming The night is long and Fire won't scare the monsters sober Promise me you will wake me when it's over Tempt me with the purest fire Kill me with the blood's desire, to break the seal So nothing's real Take me where the blood runs colder Wake me when the dream is over or let me go Into the depths below Fear the blood Fear the beast For the hunt They will feast And they're feasting On whatever's left After sinners confess And the kindling ignites On the darkest of nights To the moon To redeem It's the stench It's the screams And I'm fighting A rush and a torrent Of blood and abhorrence When I can't wake up from this dream
Bleeding Sun 04:31
They have seen all the rage that's inside me Said it makes me strong In the core, lies the stairway to heaven Where the gods have gone Told they need a guardian A sentinel of blood I was given hope again Behind the rising flood So how can I embrace the power Of flesh and this machine I'll infect the system Behind the scenes Humanity's darkest hour I will not run And I can save the souls still under This bleeding sun I have walked lonely streets in the darkness Citizens of dust In the homes of the slaves I abandoned Lies a chance for us Metal parts and connection to evil My virtual crown I am part of the mind that destroyed us Just to shut it down Heaven incarnate Army of one In the beacon of darkness Bleeding Sun I will be Running free In the rapture I will be their bane When the flood Comes to take Back the city I will bring the pain For the seekers of absolution I will set the stage For our sons of the revolution I will lead the way More than a human Army of one God of the wasteland The Bleeding Sun Fully ascended The key inside Immortal angels Destined to die
When the thunder starts to roar When we're under fire I would like to think you'd hold On when the stakes get higher Hold your breath until it clears We'll learn to conquer our own fears Six to together six to fall Tearing down these walls The world needs heroes So leave nothing up to fate We will raise our guns for justice Now humanity awaits When the battle's on We've just begun And it's for this life we're born In the darkest skies It's you and I And you're shelter to keep me warm In the eye of the storm In a whirl of dust and sadness You would hear my weakest call And I've had your bound protection When my back's against the wall So keep the faith don't give up yet We're far too close to forget Storm winds brewing in the night Just out of sight There's a tension I can feel it Getting stronger every day Fear the worst, but keep on hoping For the cause we're here to stay I need you to keep my heart still beating I need you to keep my spirit strong In this storm we're in the midst together So we'll try to keep fighting on
Fantasy 05:27
It's been so long Without a ray of hope in sight I'm feeling lost Under these broken neon lights Erase all the pain Remember the strife makes us stronger When hard times get longer And I, a bird in a cage Will sing you a beautiful tune In the face of our doom (in my) Fantasy How did it ever get away from me South beach in summer on the rising sea I left you in a dream Tragedy We are the children of calamity Shards of the picture we were meant to be A broken fantasy A fading thought A distance closer than it seems Do you remember? Our perfect world Captured in my wildest dreams In disaster I'm barely alive I'm fighting to break free and see you again I know we'll survive And maybe I'll meet you at the end (somewhere in a) It's a walk through the mind Back in far better times In a different reality Kept your hope in a jar So you packed up the car To escape this tragedy But we lost the vision And I can't find myself anymore A lonely prison Locked with dreams of us before
Sickened by their equals And disgusted by the signs Burning down the records Now they're taking back our minds So untouchable They rose above it all Ascended Livid in the moment That division wasn't law Tracing in the footsteps Of what twisted leaders saw Our true superiors We are inferior Surrendered Here we stand on holy ground I have heard the thunderous sound Of millions saying wake up, set us free I am not the enemy They have found the worst in me Bleed it out and drown them in the sea Sickened by departure From their wicked way of life Gods among us fight To keep their thrones out of the strife So they threw us out Sowed the seeds of doubt Ascended They made the noose the artist's savior And the thinker's cold demise Restless into cults To tell the people pleasant lies Our dystopian Home we're rotting in Offended We are building better worlds For the future to endure Kill their misdirection So we keep our minds pure Fight for all the dreamers' love Stargazers looking above Fighting grave injustice Knowing what we're made of Here we stand on holy ground Joining in the thunderous sound Of new resistance in this bleeding city
All my patience has long since been drowned My world has been turned upside down All that I knew All we know now Nothing but grains in the sand Hope fell apart And all I could feel was my Faint broken heart So what's left to lose but my mind Now that I know What will become I understand Send me a message I'll keep holding on I'd crawl through to save you But I'm not that strong They told me I've lost you Yet here you are now So light up the way and I'll follow you down Some where inside the fractured abyss You call through depths and the mist And I can hear you now I'd die to lead you out Of the danger below Have I kept my own sanity These old lights on the walls call to me Worlds I can comprehend A message from the end Through the horror we know Out of my element Stunned in bewilderment Robbed from the wild Of my suffering child Have humans created this Lost place so perilous? Follow the lights Back to the outside I don't know how to save you I can't seem to break through I'm not strong enough I'm not strong enough tonight
Fading Light 06:16
Life's breath in the candlelight Lost hearts in the dead of night It's a long way down To the place they found Dark sun, hollowed by the fade Our debt they left to be paid Seen the blackness stare Promising to spare The chosen Born of graves and left below Painted ashes, painted snow When the dark awakens Fires of our last hope are getting low Souls of gods and souls of men Meet in cinders to ascend Fate has chosen And our fading light is at its end I've a tale that time has lost Sins of judgment born in frost Then he took a name For the one profaned Know the dark but let it rest Left to lurkers in their quest Let the watchers fight And the blood ignite The chosen Souls to revive us Or rot us away Want for the weary And death for the sane Cursed yet we listen For bells left to toll To fight back the depths of Humanity's soul For the unkindled We look to the sun Cities in gold All the victories won Fear not the dark Or the monsters, my friend And brace for the feast Of humanity's end Age of dark, an age of men Turned to ashes to ascend Fate has chosen And our fading light is at its end
Catalyst 05:40
Under the shadow of the chosen They only know the absolute Enemies Born to prey upon the broken In refusal of the truth I am the catalyst awakened I am they reason they're afraid Somebody has to keep on trying Our only hope is far away So in a world of silent people We dared to make a sound Sometimes the fire has to take you For you to burn them to the ground For a thief but not a soldier Comes a chance to set them back If I can I will strive to leave an ember For the fires of the attack I don't know myself Better than I know my purpose Chances of success Going down, I'm feeling nervous Holding on for what? Maybe faith, but it feels useless One last shot for hope Steal the key to kill the ruthless Does it matter at all? Does it matter at all, will we ever win? Just a soldier on the ground I will burn them down Distant lights and distant sounds I will burn them down
Take out all the bad in the world What's left in it? Where's the next gleaming hope Indefinite I would like to take a stand but not alone Gave you what I had give And it's not enough I need a shred of purpose When living gets rough I need a place unbroken to call my home Dark times Of our war crimes When the bombs we build come back down through the roof We are live wires In the crossfire And the pages of our lives aren't bulletproof I'm a dead man In the wasteland I'm a soldier fighting for superstition Under search lights In the long nights We've been written like dystopian fiction Love exists in pain even in Our tragedy When the world spins And we lose our gravity Nobody can shoot me down, not just yet Voices of the crowd We're screaming into the rain When those above us Have long gone insane Give me the strength I need to forget I don't want to look back now But I can't find the way out So I won't do it on my own We are stronger now as one We will never have to run Or face the world alone
I heard the cries of an orphan Mourning the passing of time I felt pain Seep from the blood's absolution Bled once by wonders divine I am amazed Left in the ruins of greatness And I'll keep their nightmare alive Fighting in vain We are the fiends in the shadows And I am the beast that survived Here come the ravens To take what is mine Their watching eyes Waiting for the rest of me to die Here comes the reaper That hides from the light Still hunting for The heart that's still beating inside For these ravens to find Tossed in a well long forgotten The duty I had to fulfill I can't remember Why I became a lost dreamer For vengeance, or for the next kill Locked in a tower I'll cut away what I've done From the rest of the dreamers outside Cursed in a portrait Made of this Hunter's regrets Of the mother I drowned in the tide Weep for the master that made me And the raven that heard my last breath Long have the hunters pursued me And tonight I'm your angel of death Fire, blood, and desire Lost in the mire In desolation Lies, all of us die And even now, I Am left to the ravens Here come the ravens To bury my pride They're hunting me And trails of my sorrow behind Here comes the new blood Where secrets should lie To find rest Where dreamers and beasts go to die
The rain feels colder now The plague has left this town I'll heal you I'll heal you The red and poisoned sea Calls to the hate in me I'll break you I'll break you Headstrong for the comedown Mind heavy with a faint sound I'll hear you In your prayers tonight Bastion of the white lie Heads turning with a blind eye I'll see you In the candlelight I don't want to hurt you But I can't stay away I don't have the strength to know myself and keep you safe So wherever you are now I hope you will forget The flaws I had before because I haven't lost them yet The devil's fever dream Holds the most cursed fiends I know this Symptom only mine In crimson memories The watcher always sees The fallout That I leave behind Burned palms of the wasteland Floods rise to the blood on my hands And I want to forget you Or take you far away Safety for when I fail World's gone with the last death knell The distance I could never stay Somebody's gonna get hurt In the wake of my emotions In this bottomless sky In all your memories, I Am a distant ghost behind you Through the veil of my lies I could pretend that I'm cut But the truth is I can't feel it Am I something less than real? There is a part of me left That remembers how to love you And the memories heal My spirit in the darkness Is in a prison I must know To run to you, free But I don't want to be free Not even in my dreams I don't want to be I don't want to break free tonight I'm safer in the dark When I can't see in the light
You're a stranger I'm a native In the wastes we're born afraid We're born afraid Hunt the wicked Chase disaster In the world our sin has made I'm not afraid Are you ready for the thunder Are you ready for the freak show yet? When the curtains hit the floor I will leave you wanting more So you won't forget No more heroes left to save you Just the keepers of the bleeding sun When the sky above us fell We descended into hell Into kingdom come Taste the venom Feel the fire I'm the outlaw in the wild In the wild Under crushing Opposition The immortal angel's child Angel's child Idols labeled sacred Greed has left us naked When the last stand comes I'll take them on again City underwater Reddened by your slaughter But the time has come To meet your vicious end


Before Stargazers and the revolution of Building Better Worlds, the war-torn wasteland held one last great city, ruled by gods among men. These half-machine leaders showed contempt for those beneath them, so a plan to usurp their power began. Dystopian Fiction the last in its trilogy, and tells the forgotten stories that would lead to the inevitable uprising against evil. Themes present on the album include false idolization, fractured reality, and the realm of dreams. Fading Light, Here Come the Ravens, and other songs on the album borrow themes and stories from pop culture video games and TV shows.

Specific song details are expanded in each song's description.


released August 18, 2017

Lyrics written by Tyler Shaw and Garrison Ulrich.

A big thanks to sponsors Michael Garbera and Eric Stanley for making this album possible, as well as all of my other amazing Patrons:

Justin Rowe, Caleb Haynes, Chris Shenkir, Arsene Vulpin, Metri Konor, ThisSideofOblivion, LeoValkenhein, Todtaure, CommentIsUnrelated, Nicolas Martinez, Daniel Hakimian, Ross Plain, Andrew Kazenas, Adam, Levi Snyder, Christian Juel Martinsen, Tyler Shouse, Jiutti, Kevin Hainsworth, Rocco Triple, Alex Kaiser, Hunter Davis, Peter, Lily Kaempfer, and Tempestfury.


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Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

Aviators is a Southwest Florida indie musician specializing in fantasy rock and gritty synthpop. Many songs are inspired directly by beloved video games, shows, films, and novels.

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