Haunted House - And Other Stories

by Aviators

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CyhAnide Quite possibly my favorite Aviators album, running the gamut from upbeat pop-punk reminiscent of Blink-182's golden years (Haunted House), to gothic, shivering tales like "Shadows." Even a jaunty, Monster Mash-y tune (The Beginning of the Nightmare) and pure old school techno (Darkness Before the Dawn) receive masterful treatment in this diverse collection.

If you enjoyed the themes and tones from Avi's FNAF or SoulsBorne songs, yet find yourself wanting more, then look no further.
Favorite track: Hollow.
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villyidol I don't think there's another artist out there that can create songs that are both dark and beautiful the way Aviators does.
So my expectations for this album were sky high. And I have to say, I was a bit disappointed at first. It just sounds different to what I expected.
But it's grown on me. And I really like it now.
As a soundtrack for your Halloween Party it's to short unfortunately. But I have done my own Aviators Halloween playlist now and I'm happy with it. Included five tracks from this album. Favorite track: The Beginning of the Nightmare.
I like to listen
I like to listen thumbnail
I like to listen A great album as always, although it took a few listens to get into properly. But when that barrier had been passed it was on repeat. More surprises like this would be neat :) Favorite track: Hollow.
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It's the time of year to tell ghost stories, dress up as our favorite fictional characters, and eat way more candy than anyone ever should. Now you have a soundtrack for all your special Halloween activities.

This album is a surprise album, and was completed over the course of a couple weeks. It's an album I made to celebrate everyone who supports me and listens to my music. Now, take a listen, and feel the spooky run through you.

Note: Part of this surprise is the fact that the title track is free. If you don't have 5 bucks to spare, take home a free song!


released October 21, 2014

Tyler Shaw, Gary Charlesworth




Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

I’m an indie musician specializing in cinematic rock and synthwave. I also score video games, movies, and make music just for the fun of it.

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Track Name: Haunted House
The monsters under my bed were wrong
When they told me I'll never be this strong
But that was long ago, today
I'm running with courage in my own way
But it gets lonely in this room
The ghosts can bring a sense of gloom
You're the cure to the doubt I know so well
Since you cast me deep under a spell

And I can hear the clock tower ringing
The mournful ghosts in the hall still singing
Welcome to my strange dimension
I'll let you live in my haunted mansion
I'm not a zombie plagued with sickness
I'm just a mess and you know how to fix this
If this is love we can figure it all out
In this old haunted house

Don't mind the vampires living upstairs
This place is full of spooks and scares
But I hope you'll give me a chance
In here we'll build our own expanse
I'm sick and tired of playing the fool
And being laughed at by these ghouls
But with you I feel immortal
'Cuz what's the fun in being normal?

I've taken too many years to roam
But it's time to make this haunted house into a home
With you I know I feel a little bit freer
Who knows, I don't, and you don't either
But I think it's time to run for our lives
Track Name: Undead
I'm just a freak
Just a goblin with a story to keep
I'm just a corpse
Hollowed out by my guilt, the darkest force
I am just a beast
There's a darkness rising from the east
The darkness is me
It's what I've always wanted to be

I'm the desire
To put your hand into the fire
I'm the nightmare
The shadow you see when there's nothing there

I am undead
There's only death within my head
I rot away
But I'm not falling down today

I am the crime
Every evil thought you have is mine
I am the cure
To the fairer side's allure

I'm just a freak
Just a goblin with a story to keep
I'm just a corpse
Hollowed out by my guilt, the darkest force
I am just a beast
There's a darkness rising from the east
The darkness is me
And now there's death as far as I can see
Track Name: The Beginning of the Nightmare
Dark night, full moon
Wolves howling ghostly tunes
Not a soul out tonight
Except two gods who fight
Over their jealousy
Disputing royalty
There's something rising up tonight
It's just natural to desire
The power that your soul requires
But it's so unnatural what you are
A fallen star

Now a long, long time ago
I gave in to the darkness so
I could have all the power
Pitch black for every hour
And though she tried to stop me
I'll rise again, if slowly
For a thousand years, I will prepare
This is only the beginning of the nightmare

Worlds apart, still connected
One of them, still rejected
One thousand counting down
A fatal throne, a lethal crown
Evil will soon return, A nightmare never learns
There's something coming in the nignt
It's just natural to desire
The power that your soul requires
But it's so unnatural what you are
A fallen star

Now I've come to take a life or two
But this is really about you
It's my revenge, it's my design
Now you can send your strongest
But I've been brooding longest
And my vengeance is divine
Track Name: Hollow
Numb to pain
Does anybody out there know how to break the chain?
I'm locked here in a cage
Lies inside
It's feeling like all the rest of me has died
To protect me from my rage

Now I'm just a ghost
A shell of what I should be
I break, skin and bone
Aren't strong enough to keep me
Safe from the afflictions of tomorrow
They've eaten me away, leaving me hollow

Scared to face
The monsters in the dark that haunt this cursed place
They're laughing at me now
A voice in the dark
Tells me all I need is just a spark
To burn this prison down somehow

I hope you've seen
Why you should stay away from me
My bones are lined with pain
I'm a skeleton with thoughts fading away
Track Name: Delete
Hold on, you can't deny it
Can't knock it until you try it
You'll never hold a candle to my flame
You're just a mind's delusion
Suffering from mass confusion
You can't feel just one day without your shame

But you can't drag me down with you
Delete my number and we're through
I'm just a puppet in your scheme
But I'm wiping the slate clean
Track Name: Shadows (feat. Glaze)
Nightmares and white lies
Shadows behind my eyes
The beast within leaves me terrified
I've tried to let it fade
The monster I've made
But it's creeping in from all sides

I'm still looking for the truth
Still hoping to find you
Somehow I've got to find what's right
Scared I will run away
I'm losing hope today
I can't tell the shadows from the light

Secrets and darkness
I can't escape this
Disease eating at my mind
The untamed side of me
My own enemy
I hold in a prison inside

Watching, waiting, lights are fading
Loving, hating, words degrading
I can't fight the shadows within me
Feeling hopeless, chaos rising
Pain sets in as a part of me is dying
My soul has grown too dark to see
Track Name: Me, My Phobias, and I
If only I could
Step out of this shell
I'd escape this do-it-yourself hell
And I'd stand up tall
Taller than the trees
And see the path that someone's cleared for me
Now wait a second
I'm scared of the dark
The sun has set now
I've watched the light depart
My feet are frozen
I'm terrified
I'm struggling
To fight my fear tonight

So how can I face my fears
If they're all out to get me
And I'm getting tired of wearing a disguise
Will you make them all disappear
So there's no ghosts left to haunt me
It's just me, my phobias and I

I'm only human
There's monsters waiting there
I can't stand the sense of danger in the air
I'm not a hero
I'm so afraid
I've never solved a single problem I've made
Now wait a minute
In this haunted place
I think I see
Up there a ghastly face
I hear it whisper
It knows my fears
Do I have the courage
To make it out of here?

If ever there was
A moment I found
Myself useless
Then I would be now
But I've made it this far
Even if I'm lost
I'll gather my courage
Whatever the cost
Because what's the purpose
Of living this way
I'm feeling my doubt swell
But I push it away
I may be afraid
I may be bruised
But I'm feeling like a winner
So I can't lose

There's so much fear
So make it disappear
I'm not that strong
But you can try to prove me wrong

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