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The Cinematic Future

by Aviators

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The rain pours longer every night The neon glows a lullaby And it's haunted Haunted with our pride Corruption intertwined with greed Performing interchangeably But I wanted I wanted to be free A system of the absolutes Distract to keep the people mute And we'll all move along But somewhere it's a different show The re-ignition starts to glow Far away now They sing a brand new song Now from the shadows I can see their light The lone stars shine On the world's last night Trapped in the veil I've only heard their cries The cities chanting Their last reprise Subsections of an institute The work of bureaucratic brutes They're trying Trying to save face But citizens of darker times Have learned to question better lies While they're running Running out of space But maybe there's one last resort When our resources come up short A light on the horizon shines alone The cities in the distance live With sanctuary left to give Resistance soon ignites into a glow Raise Your hands upwards in praise Not of the gods but rather The human cause undying The fear Has held us back for years We sold our hearts for nothing We wasted our own time At fault With eyes on you all They kept us scared and silent And desperate to survive The light Grows closer every night So we will sate our hunger And know the world revived
Dark Star 05:35
Never saw a view like the Earth from the stars Wish I could observe but I'm stuck where you are Suddenly in a dream state while drifting through space Like personification, if truth had a face Now I see you behind The energy's shine I want to believe You could be My dark star I don't know what you are But I've fallen so far Without you My escape Want to see you create A new world awake Just like deja vu Like hallucination I have seen but not heard Here to be possessed when I'm too stunned for words Silent communication, your thoughts into mine Still dimensions away, my shadow out of time Worn and lonely like me But out here you're free I want to believe You could be Wait By heaven's gate Open the door to things I've never seen before So take me ashore Give me the eyes to see What's in your violet sky In your cosmic tide I'll stay by your side And float through time Together we climb Ascending beyond our scars With you, my guiding star
Glow 05:27
Watch as the sky Starts to ignite Inhale the passion of the flame Loosen the gears Wipe off your tears Turn to the players of the Greatest game The hall of fame We're facing our fears Two hundred years We have been waiting for the turn Trust and obey Emperors say But they forget that we Live and learn Our furies burn Hold on We're building new foundations On whatever's left When we reject the nation Of hate In its vulnerable state When will they learn? False words, no cares When our world burns Light up And fight the fire with fire When all else has failed We fuel the blazes higher Tonight Set the system alight What do they know? Rise up and Make this city glow Holding a match We're going to catch Up to the first place after all Never to miss Born to resist Against the cracks within Prison wall The firefall Cult of the style Spanning for miles Refuse to roll back to the reign Cut all the ties Suffocate lies Loosen the grip of all the Colder days Before the blaze Arrange The swirling winds of change When life keeps getting stranger They've had their time now We will take the reigns Arise March on with brand new eyes Take back their power To confuse The lives they've used A storm The future's getting warm So we'll keep burning What we built To show their guilt
Searching for direction Aimless and afraid You dread to see the future come And take your home away It's cold and unfamiliar An outmoded charade The hope of generations Tossed aside, betrayed You've been waiting for the truth to come find you Are you speaking for yourself or your pain? Do you sleep in the silence to wane the passing shame? You are more than what your history made you Let the ghosts of our fathers pass on There's a new dawn to come when the past mistakes are gone And now they're gone Raised by hate and anger Fueled with nation's pride The time of change is coming When the old beliefs have died Make your choice enlightened You can't trust the lies Don't choose their side of history Leave the old world far behind And you feel misunderstood Not succeeding like you should But the game says you aren't strong enough Work hard enough You've been blaming friends you knew But we all are victims too Restricted by the ghosts of days Long passed away
I'm waking up To new frustrations Been looking for the light Illumination These Monarch lands Hold tainted water They're starving out the lost Their sons and daughters Get up and refuse Pick a calling They don't know your name But I do Sick of being used? We're still falling They won't be the same When I'm through Diverge the chase Don't follow pace Make your own way through the heavens To raise hell Drum up the last yell For the ones just getting by So my coin is flipped And this sale has shipped I am on my way to deliver In motion Gunning for a promotion 'Cause I won't let the status slide I'm thawing out Restored by starlight I push against the tide The planet's birthright We're building up A new solution To tear it down for good The institution Get up and refuse Pick a calling They don't know your name But I do Sick of being used? We're still falling They won't be the same When I'm through Meeting up and crashing down They're suffocating In these godforsaken towns We're sick of waiting For the odds to flip our way With pockets empty We could force the board to pay Light this starry night I'll bring the fire If you make this tragedy right I've been inspired By the cold hearts far and wide The cheated system's Gonna fight back for its life Diverge the chase Don't follow pace Gunning for a promotion 'Cause I won't let the status slide
Slasher 04:28
Unearthed and trapped within the conflict The strings behind the scene Set to consume like selfish addicts The envy turns us green Our eyes shift up to one more face Out of place and Nightmares of murder and cold steel Become real Knives out We're going down Just like a slasher It's a massacre Bloodstains On holy ground Here's your happy ever after Starved out in dust to make a killing For shares that we won't see Our minds feel hate and flesh is willing We hurt what lies between One second passes and you're gone Our weapons drawn but Somehow these kills won't make us whole We've sold our souls Alive for The weekend We're walled in To contend One could imply it's by design But nothing's left, I'm taking mine As nature rolls back time Destruction The horror To blame on The scorers They sit atop and watch the game Where no one wins and gets the claim 'Cause we all fall the same
Brightly in a sea of light The spotlight of a neon life Is only shining for tonight To spread across our culture's blight Infected with envy And restless for a change of scene Keep your eyes on the screen The storm has come And life will never be the same No rules or heroes The only savior is your name Fight the darkest nights The only story's what you write Trust the age of dust There's no more honor 'til you die Welcome to The world that waits for you Where the first one to the dollar Is the last one left alive The bright divide Shining a spectrum wide Into the cinematic future Are you ready to survive? Headstrong in a deadly race The righteous never make first place Pandora's opened unto us The towers slowly turn to dust New chaos roams these streets So human, and spreading like a flame At the end of the game Set scene Welcome to the future's matinee No dreams While we sleep in the dark of our last days Don't breathe In the smoke when the ash will fill you Don't flee Take the hint and watch the preview No pain Now the hurt just keeps us sober One flame Burning out to push us over Mercy Not a trace so don't tread lightly None worthy Take your place and hold on tightly
Codebreaker 05:34
Breathe it in Feel again Another plume of smoke arises From a dark and forceful end Safe from none We've become The old foundation of the timeless Underneath the city's thumb Players in the game We're all just details in the background Always out of center frame Break the firewall Retake your access and infect them Send a message for us all Codebreaker can't you find Can you read between the lines of code Tell me all that you know How far down the hole does it all go Altered and obscured You're the virus and the cure, in one Execution's begun Leave the truth unlocked and we've won Second chance Newer plans Fully connected and exploring Intertwining in braindance Turning on When they're gone Watch for the eyes up on the skyline Where they see you from beyond Set your mission tonight We're slowly turning less than human Just to numb this city's bite Edge of new frontiers We're making for the outer reaches Where the badlands end right here Codebreaker can't you find Can you read between the lines of code Tell me all that you know How far down the hole does it all go Altered and obscured You're the virus and the cure, in one Execution's begun Leave the truth unlocked and we've won We'll rule this town Just to shut it down Never, never I won't accept but we're Together, ever free Outlaws in every system Dimming, dimming Our only light inside keeps Winning versus greed Embracing our condition Give your time I want to you show you now and Break your mind We'll be the start of a new Rebirthed hell Pushing the cracks in our own Synthetic shell So break away now
Drive Away 06:01
It's not about regret I just haven't settled yet I won't compromise our future For the things we'll never get In a monochrome wide expanse Where I got locked in a trance Now we've got to take our shot Or I fear we'll never get the chance Heads up high and don't look down Let's get the hell out of this town Drive away and don't turn back We'll find a better place than These gray and broken towers for miles We won't be safe yet for a while We'll drive away until the end of the road When it feels like home Meet me out beside the lake Where we drowned our past mistakes I will always hold these memories But that's all I'm going to take Snap a Polaroid for the road For the end of this episode I know we've always tried to leave this But it's hard to let it go We could build our own commune Find a way up to the moon We could start again offworld Across the stars There's a way out left for us At the city in the dust Some say there's a hope So far from where we are Find the ocean on the coast Drive away and leave your ghost They'll be looking for us now But we'll be gone And if they ever find us out We'll go as far as they allow Then we'll embrace until our end As the sky carries us on
Safe from an early grave But death feels closer still When does the human soul cave To find itself a kill Promised a crown of glory Fought for an equal stand But fortune would never find me In this blood red land Why have I given my heart I've fallen so far Because now the future scares me Why am I broken and small I'd sacrifice all For sainthood and sanctuary After I sought protection The saviors broke my bones Lost streets that I remember Now lie here alone Mantras of greater purpose End up left behind The faithful don't deserve this Desperate and blind I would give anything To know I'm not alone I'm tired of suffering When I once had a home Fallen graces Familiar faces Never look like mine Rings of fire And holy water Never turn back time Why do I Have many questions Intel I can't find Still unsure of My mind's selection To trust my fallen kind
Out on a limb here Just letting this year pass Every second crawling With no help from you It's all a blur when I get the feeling that Everyone is bullshit So I must be too I'm undeserving Of this old house of cards Trust me, I will find A quick way to lose Stuck with the fear of Living a better life It's easy to feel safe When there's nothing to prove Set me on fire Throw me away I'd rather feel this than nothing I know how to be afraid Call me a liar Make me feel small I feel like this world should break me But nothing changes after all I'll never be perfect But neither will you In words left unspoken We've buried the truth No room left to breath here Pressed under the knife I know I deserve the silence Of a disconnected life Just for example Say you forget me To start over apart And rebuild something new It sounds familiar Endings begin again Each mistake I'm learning A lesson from you You know the scope of My inadequacies Between the lies You acknowledge I'm here I'll take the fall for The faults of who we are Give me all the blame When I give in to fear Crowded out Yet alone In this house Not a home I can't find the will to settle In your eyes I see pain Not quite mine But the same You can't help but try to meddle I've been sleepwalking again Mindlessly searched for the end What's in my head, and can I rest it? I'm disconnected from you My efforts leaving me bruised Am I loved, or am I desperate?
When you're crowded out by freedom's price And you take a shred of bad advice The system knows but you're kept underground When you can't afford a flight to Mars When you were never born to touch the stars The endless maze of concrete wears you down Can you theorize our better lives Where the grass is green on the other side We'd compromise and find a way to thrive If you're scared of being left behind Then you'd be so disturbed with dreams like mine The realization that our world's alive Control comes cheap But nothing is fair They wake you from sleep But nobody's there You walk among sheep And that's why you're scared You'll never be the man in the chair Take your medicine and swallow down All the bitterness that built this town Don't let him hear you start to criticize You know this array was rigged to fail When you fall apart then you can't bail To find a place of safety in the sky Light a signal flare and find a way Out of coerced androids on parade Assimilation comes or else we die When we worry still and break the rules Then our consciences will make us fools And you always end up the system's slave When you are not enough to make it They've taken off and left you naked Like they did long ago to me But now I'm free They cut you out and tore the sutures Out of the cinematic future To shine with or without To silence doubt You know the shadows like I do We're driven by what we've been through And now we fall on the sword We'll never be the chosen kings We'll never know the finer things But we can open up the door
High in the crimson towers Hate between a mother's eyes Certain of a costly price To pay when fire survives When all she loved has left the keep The rains above us gently weep And wash away the blood as it goes cold And so she spoke And so she spoke The lion of Castamere When none remain To mourn her reign So proud yet founded upon fear Gates swung open wide to wretches Lowborn pay the price in blood Placed upon the precipice Of near rising flood Terror in the hearts of children Worried that the war's come home As the sound of wildfire burning Nears the lion's throne Let it be fear she told them Let it be fear they know Let them become ashes now upon the fallen snow Blind with the power and fury Numb behind the dregs of wrath Set to pay the costly price And tread a father's path When thousands battled in her name She stormed the gates and showered flame To break the wheel but then would forge her own Let it be fear she told them Let it be fear they know Let them become ashes now upon the fallen snow Burn them all down to embers Servants and lords the same Show them all fire and blood to win the mad queen's game And with the swords lain down They screamed 'til the bells cried out In search of some mercy their hope became fear Their hope became fear And it fed her rage Her lust for the lion's cage She'll stand down for nothing Until they all cheer, with no one left here Castamere Let it be, let it be fear Castamere Let it be, let it be fear


In the year 2220 the Earth is completely covered in manmade structures and many nations have taken to the stars to leave it behind. Two major cities remain as the last beacons of Earth's humanity, but both have fallen to oppressive regimes and the people left behind on the planet suffer while they search for a way out. "The Cinematic Future" deals with themes of propaganda and complacency, focusing on the embrace of new ideals and improvement rather than finding peace with the status quo.

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released March 6, 2020




Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

Aviators is a Southwest Florida indie musician specializing in fantasy rock and gritty synthpop. Many songs are inspired directly by beloved video games, shows, films, and novels.

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