Howling at the Moon

by Aviators

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The "Howling at the Moon" EP is a celebration of my favorite holiday and the themes surrounding it. I've taken a pinch of 80's and made some synthwave and alt-rock pieces telling tales of a cyborg zombie romance (Neon Sonata), A werewolf's struggle fitting into the real world (Howling at the Moon), and songs inspired by video games and films, such as Bloodborne and Stephen King's IT. This EP is all over-the-top retro tunes, so grab the bag of candy even if it's not October!


released October 31, 2017

Aviators, ABluSkittle

A big thanks to sponsors Michael Garbera and Eric Stanley for making this album possible, as well as all of my other amazing Patrons:

Sean Galloway, Drake Reaver, Getzaberry, Sean Munis, Valcab33, Jesus Torrentera, Justin Rowe, Caleb Haynes, Chris Shenkir, Arsene Vulpin, Metri Konor, ThisSideofOblivion, LeoValkenhein, Todtaure, CommentIsUnrelated, Nicolas Martinez, Daniel Hakimian, Ross Plain, Andrew Kazenas, Adam, Levi Snyder, Christian Juel Martinsen, Tyler Shouse, Jiutti, Kevin Hainsworth, Rocco Triple, Alex Kaiser, Hunter Davis, Peter, Lily Kaempfer, and Tempestfury.


all rights reserved



Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

I’m an indie musician specializing in cinematic rock and synthwave. I also score video games, movies, and make music just for the fun of it.

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Track Name: The Far Side
Where'd you get the notion you're only human?
You know there's a dark place
That will make you something more
I could sell a one-way to absolution
To the wholly abstract
Where we'll never drift back ashore

I've been living on the far side
I've been leaving footprints in your mind
Tell me all your secrets
I could be your key to the afterlife
Feel the rhythm in my cold heart
I could make your soul a work of art
Just a touch of heaven
Walking with the dead makes you feel alive

We could take a ride on the road to paradise
You'll abandon your bones
For a desolate home away
Have you seen the watcher's castle born of ice?
It's a comforting hold
For the wandering souls to stay

Oceans away from home
Deep in the danger zone
I'll carry you
Skipping the pain of death
I'd like to steal your breath
And make you new

Live beyond this divide
I promise you the other side
Abandon light inside of you
You're ascending now
And breaking through
Nothing living is ever true
Track Name: Neon Sonata
Dust in the hallway outlining the shape of you
Streams of light bridging the endless divide
Without a soul to keep part of you human
You cried out for death and the shadows replied

I am the line that's still holding you
Spellbound to pull you through
Life's breath will lure you to the light
Reanimate all my vivid dreams
Come true on neon streets
Hearts that weren't meant to beat alive

Feels like the city stops dead in the wake of you
The resurrection of lights in this system of mine
Synthetic devil, my love turned insanity
Be my immortal, born of my mind

The soft glow of neon drowns out the moonlight
A dark looking future, but now you're alive
Flesh held by metal bones
Less than the love I've known
Cursed to live on without drive
Living but empty
Reborn to forget me
Creation of mine
I'm turning back time
But I can't bring our love back to life
Track Name: Howling at the Moon
In the haunted shadows
We all show our teeth
Beneath a cursed exterior
Lies the same heartbeat

So we could fake it all 'till we make it
Or we could let our instincts show
You know I'm standing out in the moonlight
We're getting caught up but we could let this go
Some are scared of the monsters
They're gonna face their terrors soon
We're gonna stay right here until midnight
And we'll be howling, and we'll be howling at the moon

With their pitchforks sharpened
Come the judging eyes
Don't misunderstand me
Not all wild things bite

I'd love to live forever in darkness
I'm talking full eclipse of the sun
I could stay with you and enjoy the view
If you promise you won't run
Though my teeth are sharp I'm a lover
And in the day we're all the same
Everyone loves a fright so embrace the night
Don't let your freak flag fly in vain
Let it go
There will be time for want and worry when we're dead
You're in control
And you'll be safe now, you don't have to have to hold your breath
Track Name: Resurrection
Beyond the rolling thunder
Lie demons shouting battle cries
And they'll rise
Here in the cursed wasteland
Through your apocalyptic eyes
Our demise

Hell bent on resurrection
Bringing us back to life
Unleash your dark confessions
Tell us what lies in the night
Old spells of fire and fury
Painting these hallows red
We'll be the risen champions
Back again from the dead

Within our graves forsaken
Let rot the spirits left behind
Our hollow minds
We've seen the edge of chaos
Been to the bottom, felt the flame
Of endless pain

Let loose your inhibitions
Channel your innermost desire
Revive this hell and all its fire
Bring forth a revolution
With hordes of followers beside
We'll never die
Track Name: Circle the Drain
Somewhere down
Beneath the quiet streets
We've been searching for the answer
We've been losing track of time
Come to life
From our darkest dreams
Through uncanny, bleeding eyes
Through a whisper just behind

We're lost in the deep end
We're losing our minds
There's blood in the water
And fear left us blind
What kind of a monster
Is clever and wild?
Insatiable hunger
For the soul of a child
I'm with you, but I'm still afraid
Though we're stronger together
There's a demon below
And we're all gonna float away
As we circle the drain

Vicious smiles
Games of cruelty
Made from my own thoughts of dread
For a hellish appetite
Promise me
In the coming storm
When the hunt starts one by one
You'll stay by my side to fight

In the deep we're falling further
Vacuous faces in the dark
And we are the next mark
Don't look down
You're floating now
We're floating now
So we'll sail together
Don't let go
I'll save you so
This horror show
Won't last forever
Track Name: October Sunset
3:15 on 31st day
Of the month she hated most
And she's all alone
Had one dream just bury the pain
Or to chase her father's ghost
In this broken home

The night will soon be over
Keep pushing forward, our last October
Don't let the sunset steal your soul
You've faced your fears, and you're still in control

He felt shy at the very first sign
Of his classmates' wandering eyes
They drove him away
Said I'm fine for the very last time
While he's scared and paralyzed
Always afraid

I can remember
My heart last November
And the day I lost the faith I'm needing now
So don't shake the nightmare
Not all of us go there
We're already trying to break out
In spite of our guilt
This is how we were built
So don't scare us away from the light
The darkness behind it
This October sunset
Won't break us, we'll last through the night

Tonight we'll sing together
A song for courage to keep us tethered
Track Name: No One Will Save You
I hear music in the air tonight
One familiar fading tune
Something pulls at my infected soul
I think I remember you

I burned your world away
Devoured by my conviction
I left you home afraid
While mother's ventured out
Don't cry when lanterns fade
Soon we'll be awakened
But it breaks my heart to say
No one will save you now

I could be your own avenging angel
But this dream is ending soon
Don't you scream when all the wolves come find you
Underneath this bleeding moon

Listen closely for your sister's footsteps
Lest you fade here all alone
I have never seen a night this haunting
In these streets of blood and bone
I can't hold the beast that crawls through my veins
Sacrificing my own eyes
No confessions left to purify me
Something's watching from the skies

I hear music in the air tonight
One familiar fading tune
I can't save you from the monsters coming
But we'll wake up very soon

Forgive me...

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