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A Song That Never Ends

by Aviators

Lowborn 06:15
Not far away lies a storm to the north Whispers of winter as death marches forth Honor means nothing when war is unfair We've come here to battle and return to nowhere Kings die like peasants, with no one to mourn There's blood in these hills from the battles forlorn Wolves in the shadows drag pieces away I've nothing to lose, with no debts left to pay Faces, erased like a dream The gods have not listened Though prayers turned to cold-blooded screams Places, where we have no name A man of no house is a man without masters to shame Strangers, we're bound by despair A clamor for glory, a throne deprived of rightful heir Dangers, from ever cold sky A land of no mercy, a place for the lowborn to die Vengeance igniting the fire in my blood Paths of destruction, by sword and by flood Fed to the vultures were friends and good men Pursuit of dominion, the game never ends Queens kill for power, and lords fight for gold A wraith dressed in armor still lies in the cold Followed by brethren with loyalty mine Hunted by thieves of a purer bloodline I have seen heaven, or some kind of hell The source of my burden, the space that I dwell There's no one to save us, the heroes are dead The songs of our children are silent instead Of ice and of fire, the stories we write We rise from the ashes, attack in the night The kingdom forsaken, by fate may it be A cage with no room for the lowborn like me Not far away lies a storm to the north Whispers of winter as death marches forth Honor means nothing when war is unfair We've come here to battle and return to nowhere
Never heard your ghost Passing though Gotta be a gift Sent from heaven Wrapped in you Passions of the flesh And of mind Push to make you kill, Serve, and conquer, or Leave behind I'd take bullet for you In a minute, falling in it, I'm driven Sounds like the feeling we knew Sounding like a better harmony to live in Under pressure, bound by pleasure Weighted just to make us bend A voice above, it's the sound of love we hear A song that never ends Lying through your teeth And I don't care Give me just a taste Of disaster If you dare Like a siren call in the dark You might be a star I could worship From the heart I never knew There could be a song quite as beautiful as you Bullet through my heart No mercy left to send Just one exception A light that never dies A song that never ends It's our affliction A song that never ends A light that never dies A love that's going to change your world tonight A truth that never fails A beast that's never tame And I don't know your name
Alive 04:58
Vessels of enjoyment For the servants of my pain Ghosts of rusted silhouettes The system knows my name Who lies behind the eyes that always follow? Is there a heart inside or are you hollow? Puppets pulled by strings A cursed circus underground Find escape in silence Haunted echoes in the sound If I'm the ending to this exhibition Survival overcomes all superstition Free I want to break free From knowing you Somewhere in the dark a voice is screaming One of us is going to leave here bleeding Breathe I'm trying to breathe Inside of this Trap you set to keep me from the daylight Fighting for my life tonight, 'cause I'm still alive Portraits of the monsters Show the malice by design Keeping onwards fearful that I'm running out of time The struggle to escape is growing harder This victim of the night won't be a martyr I am staying alive For even just one more moment The chance won't pass me by The passing of time Ghosts in the shadows watch me Tonight I can't seem to survive
Lights go out The sun goes down I stand and Turn around And watch the Stars above me Time goes by I fall apart Things come and go And try to break my heart I'm trapped and I can't seem to break free Constellations We're all fighting to find the truth With determination I'll fill the void between me and you Looking up I will depart I'll spread my wings so take my heart To the constellations and make my dreams come true Take me back To where I once was Turn on the lights In the sky above I'm lost in the Bitter darkness I can't breathe In your atmosphere Where have I gone And how did I get here I'm trying but I can't escape this We own the stars We own the sky Mortality finds me tonight And I don't know where I belong Lost centuries One broken earth Human at last A new rebirth A never ending song Hearts in the dark Like embers glow To rise above, or lie below To never find the purpose I've seen the key I need the truth Within our minds surviving youth The call we heed to escape this
Impossible 05:32
We found a reason to climb higher Breaking the mold just to inspire With all of our stars in line Knowing there's no time to waste It's the fire inside The instinct, the drive Now hold on, we're breaking new ground No one stands to lose So I want to choose To embrace the hope that we've found And suddenly I don't feel so alone 'Cause this is home I want to take the step that seems too far Then we'll get the chance to find out who we are If it rains, it pours, but we keep pressing through Nothing feels impossible with you Two dreamers in hot pursuit When we set our sights it's absolute And I feel like we could make it all the way Nothing feels impossible today Breaking the rules to set them straight Running our minds in figure eights I know we are just the same 'Cause we'll never tame our hearts And I promise you When we've got no clue I will do whatever it takes Just to cheer you on When the days go wrong When we learn by making mistakes We move on and we start again With help from friends Like the lights that give this city life You're a glimpse of hope in miles of strife When the problems feel much bigger than before It's been worth it if we're having fun 'Cause my speed dial says you're number one I don't want to stand alone anymore
Lost in time My open heart Left behind A world apart With nowhere to run I'm broken and bruised And I don't want to live without you A different expanse Just too far away You left me without a mainstay How long is forever in your eyes? 'Cause I'm not giving up on you tonight I want to believe love never dies But now it's moving closer to the light How long will a broken heart stay whole? 'Cause I feel like I'm falling apart inside I know you're afraid, but don't let go No, I won't let this be our last goodbye Crawled through dust To bring me home Turned to rust The house we've known With nowhere to run I'm broken and bruised And I don't want to live without you A different expanse Just too far away You left me without a mainstay There's a choice we make We bend or we break When we can't keep denying That nobody is trying As the bridges burn We live and we learn When the world keeps spinning And nobody is winning
Moonlight 06:16
Stand in the rain tonight Under the street lights We find ourselves We find ourselves Maybe the misery Has become part of me Inside this shell Inside this shell It's hard to find the one you love when you can't find your soul Looking for answers in a bottle now you're in the cold I've seen the world from every angle that I've found this far And after all the cards have fallen I've been dealt these scars Don't let a foothold be your crutch Don't lose the drive you need so much When your last push becomes a shove You've taken off the gloves We've felt the moonlight steal our hearts These nights of lovers under stars Their secrets locked up in their cars Remnants and broken parts, of lost love Nothing to show for this Every shot's a miss And no one sees And no one sees Been to the sky and back We've felt the thunder clap It's part of me It's part of me It's hard to find the one you love when you can't find your soul Looking for answers in a bottle now you're in the cold I've seen the world from every angle that I've found this far And after all the cards have fallen I've been dealt these scars Amateur heartbreak Oceans of mistakes That lie within That lie within Sinners with innocence Lovers within the midst Of hate again The pain again Kill off the need, the lust Rescue the both of us While we're awake While we're awake Moonlight will carry you Onward to hell and through Until we break Until we break
Inside of a box Lie my emotions and mind A masochist's kaleidoscope It's heaven divine Escape from delusion Yet a dream in itself It's never an addiction Never crying for help My dearly beloved Put my tortured soul to the side A scream turns to whisper When it's in these eyes open wide I want to wake up all your inner demons I'd like to be the one to blow your mind Gonna make you feel a new emotion Forbidden fruits can make the sweetest wine In my veins I want to feel your poison Double doses when I'm feeling brave Help me delve into the psychoactive This carnal rush is just the high I crave Feel my lonely heart Pushing deeper inside The flavors in my mouth They taste like cyanide I take what is left of you But you take the most And even when you're missing I can still feel your ghost My dearly beloved Put my tortured soul to the side A scream turns to whisper When it's in these eyes open wide Wake the dead tonight Don't turn on the lights We can find a new dimension So instinctual We are animal Darker minds can find expression
Wishing for faith When faith isn't real Nothing is sound And no lips are sealed Spiraling down The end that I crave The holes left behind Are filled by the brave I don't want to play these waiting games All I need's a chance to clear my name Giving up is part of how we move along No one's going to miss me when I'm gone Language of hate Love is for sale State controlled thought We're too scared to fail Bricks laid by fear Walls holding me in Expenses of truth Affordable sin Mutual greed Is all that we know Justice is ignorance And life is for show I'm not a pawn Of men on the hill Nobody knows The strength of my will Nothing is real Nothing is safe I'm reaching for emptiness now I know an escape I see what's beneath Belong to the whispers, the only way out
Run Away 04:50
What is power without mercy? Where's the contrast in the grey? Locked inside the void forever Life's a hefty price to pay Deep in the void I'm calling For angels to whisper a prayer Vital signs are missing And safety lies nowhere Fall from grace Run away from what's inside Hide your face You should leave me far behind Can this flower find the sunlight? Can this monster numb the pain? In a soulless apparition Love is never quite the same For a runaway Can the devil find redemption Can the wicked learn the truth Far away lies absolution And my memories of you Out in the rain I'm waiting For someone to understand Danger will always follow So leave me if you can I can't be your shining hero I'm a villain deep inside And no one looks for help in shadows What kind of royal, then, am I? May your thoughts of us be silent I've got nothing left to prove For all it's worth I'll keep on moving If I can run away from you
I could be your lifeline But you cut me long ago I could give forgiveness But your heart is far to cold Blame it on my own pride Place the fault on anyone but you What would be difference? No one sees the wicked deeds you do Breath of fire and poison Words are laced with lies and twisted truth Cure me of temptation Save me from the devil that I knew Nobody can help me now Wish I could believe you When you say your love is fair Wish I could believe you When you say the feeling's there Wish I could erase the marks you left From clawing out my soul Wish I could believe you But faith has left a burning hole I could be a wise man But you'd whisper in my ear Death could bring me silence But you've manifest through fear Trapped inside the madness Demon on the earth and after life Lies and disappointment Drawing from my blood without a knife We can make it through this So long since I managed my escape Is it best to follow Or is it best to give in to your fate Trapped inside with no way out Held inside my head A heart I thought was dead Rises from the dust Still the bane of us I don't want to see You replace me I don't want to believe Your voice somewhere in me Wish I could believe you When you say you'll never die Wish I could believe you When you say you're still alive
Floating 04:57
Struggling to see our own reflection Rivers of the tears we've shed in vain Searching for a dream we have in common Underneath the scars we are the same Fighting for a cause has bettered nothing Don't you think that love could light the way? If we could escape from all the shouting Maybe we could listen for one day Aren't we all floating in the ocean? Aren't we all standing in the rain? Can't you see the world we built together? Sharing in the sunshine and the pain Someone has to be the one to show us How lend a hand when we're afraid After all, we're in this life together We all get one try, and fade away Pieces of the history we've written Making what is human, we as one If we share the burden, it gets lighter Lifting all the clouds to show the sun Do you seek the truth when no one tells it? Do you pull away when hope gets close? We all leave our open wounds untreated Love can be the thing that hurts the most But no one has to walk the road in silence No one has to leave the home they knew Somewhere in the flood our hearts went missing But even in the rain the sun shines through


A Song That Never Ends is a story of lost love. The passions that drive us forward in life, the people we need most, as well as the broken promises of the past inspire the tracks presented. Themes range from hopeful (Floating) to sadistic (Psychoactive), including some themes taken from pop culture stories like Undertale (Run Away) and A Song of Ice and Fire (Lowborn). While many other Aviators albums are mostly based in fantasy on an epic scale, these songs are meant to be a more personal and emotional experience, still evoking cinematic visuals.

Love is, in the silence of our world, a song that keeps on playing.


released December 1, 2016


all rights reserved



Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

Aviators is a Southwest Florida indie musician specializing in fantasy rock and gritty synthpop. Many songs are inspired directly by beloved video games, shows, films, and novels.

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