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Building Better Worlds

by Aviators

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triplej26 thumbnail
triplej26 Building Better Worlds is the first step in a more dark direction to where most would know Aviators music by today's standards compare to earlier albums where there's a mix of light heart and simple dark music.

First of the Bleeding Sun at the end of 2014. This album offers a nice storytelling through each song on how world undergo destruction to rebuilding a better future. A great futuristic album with much less electronic and more rock to it. Full of emotions from despair to hope. Favorite track: The Surface (feat. GatoPaint).
Hipercreative thumbnail
Hipercreative I can relate to Rebâtir so much, I literally have a sort of emotional connection to this one specific track...
The rest of the album is heartwarming for me as well, I could implement the whole rebuilding concept into my life that helped me through my darker times which I am thankful for.
Beautiful work Aviators, definitely one of your ultimate albums ever to exist. Favorite track: Rebâtir (Freedom Cry).
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TheNugget1999 Building Better Worlds has one of the most amazing storytelling and entertainment to your ears, It delivers amazing Rock & Alternative music together. Favorite track: The Surface (feat. GatoPaint).
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Détruire 02:35
Bulletproof 04:55
Push it down, shove it back Words will not die I'm warning you, they'll resist If you dare try Put down your guns The more you hate us, the stronger we become Take a life, silence one Two will scream louder Hope is strong, answers lie Beyond the gunpowder Hear that sound? My thoughts are immortal now Scream, burst at the seams Won't let you quiet us now Our thoughts will not be burned By the lies spreading all around Cry, don't close your eyes Our story's written in the sky You can shoot me down, but you're never gonna hide the truth 'cause words are bulletproof Tear it down, rip it up Fan the flames higher We are crying out Like a dissonant choir The sound lives on And the soon silence will be gone War is hell, blood is shed Show us your power Holding fast, we'll resist Screaming still louder You can lie But the truth will never die Sticks and stones Are gonna break my bones But the words are gonna break you The truth is gonna shine through Fire will rise You'll fight us to no surprise Though burning pages trail behind You'll never stop what's in our minds This is my voice This is my heart These words of mine Will tear you apart No, you can't shoot me down Ideas are solid ground
From the moment I saw you, I knew you were different But how I was I supposed to know that you were just a monster inside I made a mistake to doubt That you would figure me out And use me for you own intentions I'm just not just your piece of clay I won't just bend your way Take it or leave at your own discretion I believe That angels fall the farthest in the end And you will see You've hurt more than apologies can mend You're not the saint that they think you are You're just a falling star Burning bright in the darkness Don't put the blame on me When your inconsistency Leaves you all alone and hopeless Fool me once shame on you, I'm not letting you strike twice Learned my lesson last time, I know now you don't play nice I let you twist me around Mentally tie me down I won't live for the moment like you do So here's a message sincere To tell you I'm finished here I'm leaving you with the lies inside you Yeah I'm no hero But I see the villain you are You never saved me All you ever gave were scars If what you don't know never hurts you Why did your secrets stab me in the heart If you're the antidote to my happiness Then that's probably what tore us apart
Heaven Knows 04:11
I've been surviving since the day you left our home I've never blamed you but at times I feel alone This lonely bad dream Isn't a nightmare You made me stronger You helped me get here And I'm moving on beyond the memories But I could never fall apart I'm stronger with a broken heart And I guess I don't mind being alone anyway But now we're down here missing you I'm surrounded by all but two Heaven knows it hurts a little more every day I know the world is just a cruel place to be But a lifetime later you still feel so close to me I'm not soldier But I'm a fighter With every whisper My burden's lighter But it'll never disappear Without you I'm feeling lost I know you're gone, so what's the cost Of feeling whole again somehow It's all to much to figure out Did it leave scar when you ripped away My longing burden I can't explain Did you make me bleed when fate cut you out You left me here in a cage of doubt
Crash 05:45
All alone Do you know what it's like to hold a throne In a kingdom of despair I crashed and burned Turned to stone by a lesson learned But I'm about to clear the air Forget about the words I said They were just the voices in my head I don't have to listen to them anymore I gave into a darker side But now I've got nothing left to hide I'll crash and rebuild the world before I declared war It's never been My goal to see you through the end But I'm going to try and change I think I've found The strength to turn my life around Perhaps this monster can be tamed And I Confess There's times I feel it burning in my chest My soul Designed For something darker than sublime I can't Resist Visiting the victims death has kissed I can (I can't) I will (I won't) I'll try (they'll die) To cope (I hope) To save (to kill) Protect (for thrill) And never (ever) Forget (forgive)
Static 05:31
Just another day gathering my thoughts Determining what's crazy and what's not It's all the same to me Where is the variety Inactive like candle without a flame I'm colorblind, with only me to blame It's time to change my mind again It's time to watch the sameness end I'm feeling like a broken record here Playing the chorus over until I disappear I've grown so tired of stray thoughts that leave me blind Oh, the static in, the static in my mind It's just a conversation with myself This time I'll put the memoirs on the shelf I'm building better worlds, I'll make a difference this time Clear the static in, the static in my mind It's just another way to find out who I am Pushing on when no one says I can What do they know anyway I've made it where I am today The sameness never hurts, I'm just little bored I've been connected but it's time to cut the cord I'm feeling so alive again I'm feeling like I know I can So what's next Let's check Out of this place I've erased From a ghost haunting Empty space Not alone No one's home In this vacant shell Feeling new Fresh, renewed Let's raise a little hell Here dawns a new day Where I can live a better way Without all the static Without all the pain Without all the crossed wires Here in my brain
It feels like it's been forever Since you told me our time wasn't going to last And now I'm wishing I could save you From your sickness now, and whatever comes to pass No, this is not the end It's the beginning of our story Tales of wonder and of glory Where we would save the world again Do you remember when We fought the monsters all away Now here we are today And I won't let our story end I've been counting days we have left And at this point it's twenty-four at best So I'm going to make the last the greatest Let's live our own adventure for the rest I guess our fairytale is over Because I'm watching you slowly fade away It's like an angel's here to take you now Because I'm feeling something dark about this day But I won't let go I'll make these last few hours memories No I won't let go Our chapter isn't closing yet it seems So I guess this is the end But I'll remember you forever And in my heart we'll be together You will always be my friend I'll still think of you when I need a hand upon my shoulder Because I know it isn't over Someday I'll see you again....
Pieces Of Me 05:18
Looking and waiting For a chance to shine Fighting, concealing These demons of mine I'm innocent but I'm hardly a saint Fighting and living without a complaint Feeling those feelings That I can't ignore Like whatever I try Will be worse than before I want to break free but I'm bound to burn out And that's the idea still filling me with doubt I've got a fear of failure And fear of the dark How am I supposed to find a new start? Maybe perfection is too high a goal Maybe the answer's buried in my soul I, I could dare to stand tall If it means I could fall To conquer it all I believe I'm something More than a drop in the sea Because I hope you'll believe The pieces of me Are broken but there are beautiful things they could be Breaking in pieces That I can't repair Cracks and light scratches From times I got scared I ran away but I'm running right back I opened my eyes before my world turned black I'm not all useless I'm just a bit used I'll take the chances That others refused I'm building something inside of my heart A flawlessly flawed and simple work of art I've got a fear of failure And fear of the dark How am I supposed to find a new start? Maybe perfection is too high a goal Maybe the answer's buried in my soul I tripped I fell My plan didn't work out so well But I don't want To give up right here I know The cost But I believe not all is lost There's still a chance To make me appear
Fire rising into my mind It's just a ghost from the past giving me a hard time I feel the darker side bracing for an event It's their fault, they should have known better Oh, every single time They fall out of line They've been removed forcefully And if they hear my voice They know I have no choice But to show my secret identity The side of me I can't control The secret side of my soul They tried to push my limits but they hit a brick wall They tried to break my world but I will never fall My secret darker side keeps me out of their reach I'm immortal I'm immortal So what happens when I can't control it It's a beast, it's my soul, you can't hold it It's a ghost in the code of my being And it's coming for you this time
I don't want to feel the numbness that you do To what's true I can break the seal on the barrier you'd made A barricade Turn your nights into days Turn their blank, hollow gaze Because they don't see you And they don't want to here I stand alone I blur The line Marking your throne I don't want to be the leader that you are It's too far I can be the struggle that tears the black veil A balanced scale Turn your nights into days Turn their blank, hollow gaze Because they don't see you And they don't want to Break the ties Swallow pride, and leave behind A dark regime Now wipe it clean They don't know, they can't see That's why this task is up to me This isn't right, it's not the end It's gone too far to just pretend This is all fallacy This is reality
I can smell your fear So far away from the chaos here I can see your life counting down (down and down and) Here I am to play A quick, sick, game to ruin your useless days As I wear my cursed crown I'm justice served What you deserve You've been selected, and it's judgement day I've called your name Come and play my game It's time for chaos to take its place You scream you cry, you tell your lies And say you don't deserve this But I'm a time bomb With just one purpose Under the surface I can hurt you more Than anything the cruel world has in store I'm a psycho with the power to play God You're my victim now I'm a fucking supervillian, and you can't take me down I'm a force they call the strange, insane, uncanny and odd And there's a small fine line Between my sensitive side And what a monster I am Now you're part of my master plan There's nothing you can do You can't escape the shit I'll put you through To destroy is my one true purpose I keep it hidden under the surface
When the darkness closed in all around It didn't bring us down It only made stronger for those days When they turned our dreams to distant thoughts The embers still burned hot And now the flames will blaze So let them burn They set the fire Now we can see How they conspire But they've been shattered Like broken glass And now we're building better worlds On the ashes of the past When oppression came here from all sides We didn't take their lies We saw a revolution rising When they asked us why we're not the same We wouldn't play their game We are the voices crying But no the battle isn't won The war has only just begun And we'll keep fighting, keep building, a better place for us And if they strike us down tonight We'll sear the darkness with the light It's revolution time, and you're on our side So let them burn (So we'll let them) They set the fire (burn tonight) Now we can see (Watch the flames light) How they conspire (Up the sky) But they've been shattered (Shattered like a) Like broken glass (Broken glass) And now we're building better worlds On the ashes of the past
Snowblind 04:27
Day one gone by The wind is getting colder every night The pressure's getting hard to take I feel the ice about to break Like a gunshot And I can't stop The bullet in my heart But now I'm on my way I feel the ice in my heart melt away I'm here to take back control of my mind Because I'm running out of time Snowblind My vision blurs I've got to clear my mind Before a change can occur The cold is getting hard to shake This mess is more than I can take It's a last stand so take my hand And here we go And when I fall down I'll rise again Whatever it takes I'll make amends And who am I To deny that I'm cold hearted And here tonight I've got the time to melt the ice away
It's here on ashes that we stand There's nothing left to see here They let the world disappear They said we'd see a brighter day But they took freedom away And then played their cards upon our fear But they have failed at their own game It tore at all frayed ends Too burned to build again And here we are to stand upon The place they built their empire on The place we came together with our friends So, light a candle for the cause They bared their teeth, we showed our claws And here we are today We drove their tyranny away Now, take a second to inquire Why you should fan this growing fire Listen to our freedom cry Here to rebuild or here to die It's here together that we stand The bricks we lay to guide us Reflect the words inside us Showing where we can be strong Not what is right and what is wrong But what we have defined on our own Let's cut the ties around our dreams Instead we'll trust and follow Refusing to be hollow And now I pledge to hold on to The freedom shared with me and you The life we are rebuilding unafraid There's a time and a place To show that we can erase And we did Oh we did But not only did we take We rebuilt for freedom's sake And we are We still are They told us peace is submission But that saying was a lie Peace is when you listen Take the time to hear their cries Go, now my friend This is what follows the end Rebuild We rebuild again
One step at a time I'm going outta my mind I'm being hunted by something primal They're just simple machines Yet tainted souls they seem For five nights I'll fear for my survival Are they mechanical They hunt like animals Freezing for seconds while see their corpses I'm getting panicked now I'm locking this place down I'm feeling watched by unnatural forces Looks like I'd better run for my life I'll never be in one piece to see night five I've got eleven on my tail, with no time to think Of a way to survive mechanical instinct Just an hour more I'm closer than before To making it out of this ghastly madhouse I'm feeling desperate I'm starting to regret Taking my chances with no way out Who's walking down the hall? I can't keep track of them all A music box plays my dying song This is my one escape The mask still on my face But they have known I've been here all along Here, all alone in the darkness Why, can't I escape there soulless Eyes It's a lost cause now, they've got my scent, and I can't get out. Now, i'm afraid to look because They, are just beasts to hunt me down With no way fight back, the night is already over



Building Better Worlds is an album about sameness, change, and revolution all at the same time. The oppressors build their better world into a prison, while the revolutionaries build towards freedom. Everyone is building a better world... But better for who?


released December 30, 2014

Tyler Shaw, GatoPaint, FoxinShadow




Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

Aviators is a Southwest Florida indie musician specializing in fantasy rock and gritty synthpop. Many songs are inspired directly by beloved video games, shows, films, and novels.

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