Fever - EP

by Aviators



released April 10, 2015




Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

I’m an indie musician specializing in cinematic rock and synthwave. I also score video games, movies, and make music just for the fun of it.

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Track Name: Spectres
Lights flicker in the hall
I'm hearing voices call
Words echo in my head
Like I'm already dead
So whisper in my ear
And tell me not to fear
The memories are gone
And I'm starting to move on

There's a scent in the air
I can't ignore
I keep hearing footsteps
On the floor
I know it's not you but
I still feel
The touch of your hands
Even if they're not real
I'm talking to walls
To nothing at all
But I can still feel you with me
The spectre you are
Leaving all these scars
Haunting me with past memories

I'm withering away
With thoughts of better days
Those times when you and I
Never had to say goodbye
But change was bound to come
There was nowhere we could run
It was over and we knew
But I still feel the ghost of you

I don't feel alone
In your twilight zone
But it's time you left my haunted heart
I wish you the best
But I put you to rest
And now a whole new life can start
I feel the spectres haunting me
Keeping me down with misery
Now take your ghosts and move along
I'll miss your soul, but I'm moving on
Track Name: Fever
Looks I'm a rebel without a cause
Hell bent on a world that never was
I've been told I'm madman now
But if I'm sane then get me out
Peering eyes tell a story that isn't true
No one really knows but me and you
Burdened by the secrets known
Silence fell and I'm still alone

You're like a fever taking hold
Just like a curse from days of old
Like a prophecy
it's killing me
Knowing the lies you've told
I see true colors underneath
I know the things they won't believe
You're a wolf beneath
This woven sheath
I'm the one you can't deceive

So sick with the burden of knowing you
It's a hopeless cause finding the truth
They all say I'm a madman now
It looks like I'm never getting out
If winning now makes you happy, then take your prize
I have given up looking through your eyes
It looks like I'm the liar here
If only I could disappear

The fever that you are
You've kept your lies so far
But you have no allure
When I am the cure

You're the disease
You're the affliction
I see the truth
Of your contradiction
Track Name: The Villain
It's my dark passenger
And it's riding all the way
It's not my fault that I can't
Push the urge away
I've saved some lives,
Close your eyes
It's not pretty
The work that must be done
In the mist
Death has kissed
Those beneath me
Even if it's all for fun

I'm the balance between the sides
Bringing bad men to their demise
Someone's got to do it and I'm willing
I'm no hero, but I'm not the villain

I made a choice some time ago
To use this gift solely for good
So don't get the wrong idea
I'm only killing when I should
But look away
If you stay
Here and watch me
It's not for everyone
Listen close
To the code
Binding what I've
Planned out and what I've done

They're the sickness
I'm the cure
In my darkness
I am pure
They're the killers
I'm the chair
While the rest
Are unaware
I'm not the villain
I'm just natural force
I'm fixing problems
Destroy them at the source

With purpose
They deserve this
It's a small price
They don't play nice
Track Name: Jaws
I'm not just a creature
More than a simple feature
I'll stand in waiting until you can't see me
I'm all fun and games here
There's no need for your fear
I'll be here waiting until you grow weary

I'm not the crazed killer
You think I am
I'm just here ready to see vengeance through
Hatred, bloodlust
They're all irrelevant to
The moment when my jaws close down on you

You've done such a bad thing
So while you're still breathing
I'd like to make you wait in darkness
I've been given life now
So I'm taking you out
You were my problem and I'm going to solve this

Never forgive
Never forget
Don't close your eyes
It's not over yet
We used to play
We used to laugh
And now we're trapped
Like a photograph
I've come so far
From the child inside
Remember my face
And jaws behind
Track Name: Our Little Horror Story
A voice calls
A cry in the dark
Telling me to crawl into the light
But I won't
The show has just begun
I'm giving one last encore tonight

Five nights left to find you
One last thing to tend to
You'll fear what I can do
But you'll never run
Ghosts warn of my actions
But I'm the main attraction
You'll bring my satisfaction
Our little horror story's just begun

I believe
After this final stand
The end will come, but not until you're gone
I'm haunted
A killer in cage
Using my undoing as my pawn

These metal gears and parts
Contain my purple heart
They had their sweet revenge
And brought me to an end
Now I'm the monster here
I'll make you disappear
One last show to put on
After tonight you're gone
Track Name: Stars (What You Love)
Feels like I could just disappear
Sometimes I just want out of here
I can see in the stars up there
There's a place for me somewhere

If fate is chance, chance is fate
We're running in a pointless race
If time is valued what's the cost
Of all the things I've tried and lost
I did the things they told me to
But they don't know what we can do
It's written in the stars above
So don't give up on what you love

Feels like clouds on a rainy day
I've been stuck somewhere I can't stay
I'm pursuing a lost desire
But it's always been a burning fire

If I'm betting high then I'm going all in
If I'm loving life than I know I can win
But I can't follow through with a half empty cup
Sometimes to start dreaming you have to wake up
Track Name: Bones
It doesn't mean I'm jaded
If I don't need your help
But some scars deep inside me
I should really solve myself
You'd be right to say I'm different
But wrong to say I'm strange
I'm clearer in the darkness
And that's never going to change

Moonlight streaming in the windows
Silence sounding like a song, you
Can't stop the voices in my head, so
I prefer to stand alone
War is rising under starlight
All I need to get my thoughts right
One night with the demons inside
The chains and burdens that I own
In my bones

I hold inside my feelings
Which I always do regret
I know I should speak freely
I'm not ready for that yet
The nighttime brings the quiet
Refreshing solitude
I'm flying on my own now
Even though I still need you

Sick of smoke and mirrors
They all bring their fears
I'm not alone
Just buried in a tomb I call home
So it all ends here
Please make these chains disappear
The shadows will taunt me tonight
The emotions looking for a fight
Track Name: Dreamwalker
If you've never moved
Then what have you proved
You don't know the cost
Of what you have until it is lost

Lights fading
Still waiting
You've lost her

If you can reveal
The world that is real
You're living a dream
That's less than it seems

She passed by you
Never a chance to
Tell her how you feel
Now it's too late
Hurt by cruel fate
Couldn't face what is real

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