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Ghosts in the Code

by Aviators

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TheNugget1999 thumbnail
TheNugget1999 Ghost in the Code is probably one of the most Classic Aviators albums, it surely hits home for long time Aviators Fans. Favorite track: Revenge.
triplej26 thumbnail
triplej26 This album gives me that great summer vibe. Being the first Aviators album where I got the Limited physical CD back in 2014 having no regrets that the album would be great.

Expectations were not disappointed. It is a great mix of dark and dance tracks with a really happy inspire song at the end to learn and do most anything is breathtaking and relieves the stress off my shoulders when it comes to work from the current job that I do. Favorite track: Reach (All Along) [Acoustic Version] {feat. 4everfreebrony}.
Hipercreative thumbnail
Hipercreative Really cool album, has so many good tracks. Gives me the typical summer vibes, especially Red. Favorite track: Revenge.
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Red 05:36
It feels like greyscale reality In this world we've built on our own It's unclear to me What we are still trying to be If I could bring back the peace we had Would the wars come with it too? The black lines are holding me The black lines are holding me So let's stop living in black and white One streak of color could change a life We have the shades of blue in ltears And hues of green for passing years White lies put hatred in our heads So we will show them love instead We'll paint the whole world red We'll paint the whole world red I can feel time in my veins Counting down my days I won't paint them grey with pain Let's paint our hearts red again If we can settle the scores between The good and evil sides We'll take a step One more deep breath I can move past the fear of death When nothing can hold me anymore We can build a world of a billion shades We can make a difference and chance our place In the course of time in the cycle of our lives We can paint the world with eyes open wide
Restless 03:56
I guess I'm obscure I guess I'm usual I guess that's why they call me incapable If I could make a change Believe me I would try I'd make something of this dead-end street called life But maybe that's just it Maybe I have to do Something I've never wanted to Maybe I'm not the same Maybe I'm meant for more I guess I'll see what tomorrow has in store 'cuz I've been getting restless And I have to confess this Feeling held in my chest is So hard to ignore Been wanting satisfaction When I have to take action I want feel a reaction Like never before I guess I'm a fool Another pair of eyes To watch the broken world just pass me by But is it that hopeless Or am I seeing wrong Have I been the change needed all along Am I a part of this Is it my chance to shine Am I too late, or am I just in time We're back to business now It's time to face the crowd It's time to show them I'll change the world somehow I'm sick of standing, waiting for someone else From here on I'm a different man, with a plan I'm standing true holding all the world in my hands And when they tell me I'm a useless pawn, they'll be wrong I'll tell them I've been standing restless here for far too long
Upside Down 05:18
Don't let the bed bugs bite When devil tucks you in at night I know the monster that you are Can't hide from me, you can't run far I've got my eye on you Your vicious fangs can't hide the truth You'd better hope, you'd better pray That you aren't going to stay this way Now where has your life gone Has everything changed? Looks like you've turned to a darker page You've scared everyone away They're all starting to worry Because hell hath no fury Like your appetite I've seen you wandering I've seen you hunting I see you in the shadows there The way you fight, it isn't fair I'm not your victim I know where you came from Wearing that malicious frown I guess that's life when you're upside down I know what you've been through I knew you before you turned to This monster that I'm hunting now A killer I can't figure out No, you're not in the clear Unless I have you safely here And forced to look at who you are An animal who's gone too far Oh, you think that I'm slow But I'm a hunter and I know How to find you and I'll go Far as I need to Why do I hunt you? You may ask It's a necessary task Some one's got to do it Right and apprehend you You think hiding in the dark And stalking like a shark Will throw me off my mark But you're mistaken Think twice if you should escape I will never hesitate To cut short Every breath you're taking
Set Me Free 04:16
I killed a dream When I broke a promise to you I tore the seam That we had been holding on to I took a chance, my envy surged But I could not control the urge No, I never should have hurt you Now I'm waiting for the year That my sentence disappears I'm in a prison of regret Set me free, set me free I don't want to believe This is me, this me, it can't be Done with pride, down with hate I've watched my anger recede Look and see, you've changed me, set me free I lived and learned When I broke a promise to you I crashed and burned You'll never know the hell I've been through Serving beneath a higher power Ruling from a castle tower It was so hard for me to bear And now you have to understand That I have learned my lesson and Now I want to clear the air No hard feelings Let's start reeling Time back to before You entrapped me Managed to catch me And do so much more I've controlled it I can hold it The nightmare inside No secrets here I'm crystal clear There's nothing left to hide So I implore you Look before to Who I was back then Think of me and Set me free To let this torture end
Revenge 04:52
You could tell me I deserved my sentence But now I'm free I won't pay my penance Your hostility towards me is a score I have to settle I can feel the rage burning in my veins Uncaged I'm going to take the reigns You're dethroned now begins an age of pain I'll make your castles fall This time it's personal Hate can kill But I'm a killer So be still I'll watch you wither Don't you underestimate the kind of mess that I can make If I'm your king You'll bow before me Here's the twist In your sad story It's time to meet your bitter end 'Cuz nothing tastes so sweet as revenge Betrayed by my own bloodline I was cast away Now vengeance is mine I've come too far to give up on my plan to win our battle Forgiveness would only mean you've won I find my way to be so much more fun I think you'll find there's nowhere you can run Now look me in the eye And say your last goodbye I guess it's not your fault You only fought my crime But that's not what matters to me This is a venom of mine There's still bad blood There's a bad grudge I can feel it ruling me Oh this hate won't let me see Might be something better here Maybe I'm wrong, as it appears But revenge is so satisfying
When you wake up with no one to guide you I will come find you I'll lead the way If you fall down with nowhere to land I'll lend a hand I'll be there to stay I have something to give you Something to give I'll give you all of me All of me I'll be the one that you run to Because I can give you All of me All of me When you wake up in one more nightmare I know I can scare Your monsters away When you find yourself thinking back to regrets I'll keep all your secrets From yesterday If I get one more chance to make this clear to you That I'll be your lifeline to hold on to I want you to know as long as I live There's always something left to give I'll be your guardian angel By your side I'll stand When we face our demons You can take my hand When the storms still rage We will rise unfased And our battle cry Will be this lullaby If our hearts will break Then I'll let you take All that you see I'll give you all of me
Am I a man or an automaton Am I so wrong To think that There's something beneath my exterior Superior thoughts that rule me I'm not a fool am I? Can someone tell me why? I feel like I'm never in control I'm gonna find the source Locate a deeper force Under my very soul Maybe I'm alive In a whole new way I won't carry the burdens of yesterday There's something new inside Like I'm a different man Ghosts in the code of who I am Looks like I've found a whole new mystery Inside of me somewhere Could be a power I never knew I had Would that be bad, or could it Be what I need to find Meaning in my own life I think I found something here Ensnared with all the pain Covered by all the shame Buried beneath my fear The fuel and the fire In a newfound desire They're moving me higher And the wires are changing their road Oh, the gears are turning on and on The fears I held within are gone The song that plays in metal parts Beats now to a different heart Yeah, the wires are changing their road Still haunted by ghosts in the code
Clockwork 04:17
Kings fought for wisdom for truth and love And they watched for a sign sent from above Blind to the fact that it was hidden in plain sight Hopeless to find their soulful light Can you hear the bells Ringing like screams Can you hear the sound Filling up your dreams Can you feel the gears Spinning in your head Will you choose to stay Or leave instead Sometimes the clockwork in my mind Synchronizes with yours in time Now you can forget what I've done wrong Because our clockwork is spinning on I fought for something I couldn't know It took me too long to let it go Depending on you was too much to ask When finding myself was its own hard task Please forgive me I've caused enough pain You can't save me I've lost my own game So I'm dusting off This old machine I call a heart I'm coming clean And putting cogs Back in their place And wiping my shame Right off my face
1985 A poor man trying to survive He always made it through Trying to live an honest life Working on minimum wage A little too grown up for his age Sixteen and working hard Newsboy on the Boulevard He'd see the rich and famous Never envied anyone Behind their false joys He saw that they had none He was looking out of place Held a smile on his face Some looked down, asked him why He'd look up and reply I keep moving forward When they try to rob me blind Why waste a second when we're All running out of time I know, yes I know I'm not a great man But what you call "great" isn't part of my plan I'll accept, and I'll deal with The work and the strife 'cuz I guess that's Just my slice of life 1986 Still had a lot to fix They shut his water off He said "I don't mind this" It could be so much worse Than living the obverse He knew he had a home No matter how much it hurts He'd see the rich and famous They'd all just pass him by That could have been his dream But he knew it's a lie He found his joy in sharing The happiness he knew They'd all ask him about it He'd tell them what he'd do Not a regret to admit It's everything he wanted He tried follow through And his dreams followed too He took a look back one day At the newsboy on Broadway He was the same man inside He had just come a long way He told me all this so I Could tell them all someday why It's not the days that you live, it's not the day that you die It's the difference that you make in your slice of life
Long nights, dark days Still stuck in your ways Hung over from drinking down your pain Strangers, lost ones Thinking the party's just begun While they're still alive, tell them it's all a lie Party on, party on, How could it do you harm? You ask yourself with a needle in your arm Let it go, you can show the world you're free From the inner demons causing misery One life to waste How does it taste? Coming so far just to throw it all away Pieces, your past Like broken glass It feels good now, but the party doesn't last Care free Life style Is it all worth your while You think they love you, but what's behind each smile? Do they know you can't feel What's a dream and what's real? While they're still alive Tell them it's all a lie Drink it down, perhaps another shot will tell How to exit this self-destructive shell Or maybe not, maybe that's what burned your world Maybe you're not supposed to be be this party girl Hold on Oh, you're not alone now I can help you get out You can still change somehow, right now You burned it down We can built it back with a little Help from you and a little self control It's not too late It's never too late to turn back, and back track Home again In the end
Fool's Gold 04:35
Feel lost in this endless maze of memories They're killing me Days that I'd rather forget altogether Last forever But here in the darkness I see light Maybe I did something right The ice melts away from this frozen road They told me how far I could climb But I'm gonna get my chance to shine When they see how far I can go So light a signal fire Climb the mountain higher Boundaries gone for good Doing what we should Have done so long ago So let your freedom show This fool's gold won't deceive The light inside of me Feels like I'm losing the game by a landslide Who's on my side? It's so lonely waiting for truth when there is none Just a loaded gun But I'm gonna live like it's my life Push out of the pain and strife I'll try to tune the voices out I'll find a hope I will pursue Cuz you can't tell me what to do I'm certain beyond any doubt My battle cry rings with uncertainty I thought it'd be So different than this plan gone horribly I can't do this on my own I don't want to be alone I guess I need your help To fix my life and fix myself
Take a look Look at me You only learn if you are listening Find your own Goal to reach Although the road may be blistering Can you say You’ve been searching all your life? There’s a way, there’s a will, and there’s a time It all comes down to what, where, when and why I’m not the one you need, but I’ll be there to guide you I’ll show the world to you, and everything I’ve been through A broken mind, a battered song, a spark of magic won’t keep you strong But maybe it’s been in you all along Find yourself And you'll see You can be what you've always dreamed you'd be Learn to run Learn to breathe And you can learn to do most anything When you fall, you'll stand up with brand new eyes You will see you're even stronger to your surprise So welcome to the first day of real life Lead your dreams Lend your thoughts Leave your fears Behind Do your part Dim your lights Dare your heart To try
It's been to long I've been living in reverse I've said more Than I ever could rehearse I couldn't know That I needed time to grow If I know what love feels like Then don't tell me I'm wrong I may have been lost back then But I guess I was here all along The words I said in haste don't matter in the end All I want to do is learn how to dream again It feels so wrong Knowing I'm flawed in my desire But I'm still strong And I'm a quickly spreading fire I won't let go I'll let my dreams show Dream on Shine bright Let go Tonight


Ghosts in the Code is an album about discovering our hidden potential. Potential for good as well as evil, it's hidden somewhere inside all of us. This is an album about inspiring to do good, but also facing the reality that we are corrupt.

This deluxe version is a Bandcamp exclusive, and contains several tracks that will never be available on any other music store.


released July 1, 2014

Artwork by Tyler Shaw, Lyrics by Tyler Shaw, Garrison Ulrich, and Metajoker.




Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

Aviators is a Southwest Florida indie musician specializing in fantasy rock and gritty synthpop. Many songs are inspired directly by beloved video games, shows, films, and novels.

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