Mirrors (Deluxe Version)

by Aviators



Never trust what you see in your reflection.


released October 8, 2013




Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

I’m an indie musician specializing in cinematic rock and synthwave. I also score video games, movies, and make music just for the fun of it.

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Track Name: Open Your Eyes
I watched them change before my eyes
Destinies rearranged to my surprise
I tried so hard to make amends
But my mistake has separated my friends
White turned to blue, and blue to white
Harmony rewritten out of sight
What can I do to bring you back
My technicolor world has faded to black

Wake up now and see the truth
I'm here to show the world to you
The way it was meant to be
So follow your destiny
This twisted future isn't right
Let's bring the real you to the light
I'm going to make you realize
So open your eyes

I've made mistakes and failed before
But somehow this time it's something more
Broken your life and who you are
I'm afraid I've left a terrible scar
But apologies won't save me now
It's up to me to restore you somehow
I'll bring you back your memories
piece by piece restoring harmony

I've got to find a way
To make this all okay
I've got to find a way
To fix my own mistake
Oh, but I promise to succeed
But I know you're still in need
I know you have been misused
And you're probably confused
But there's not much I can do
The cure is within you
So hold on tight
And open your eyes
Track Name: Someone Like Me
I'm feeling like a photograph
Life never changes but it goes by fast
Far too fast for me to catch
They tell me I'm too insecure, that
I should believe in myself more
If only it was as easy as that

Sometimes I just feel like
A stranger in my life
Sometimes I don't feel right at all
I may be lonely
But maybe I'm supposed to be 'cuz
No one's there to hear me when I call

Things get complicated
So I've watched and waited
For the moment I'll find
Someone like me
I feel so underrated
Some just leave me frustrated
Feels like I'll never find
Someone like me

My wings feel broken but they work fine
I guess confidence never was mine
A harsh word can leave me stunned
Some say I'm unique and others strange
Some say I'm just living up to my name
But I can't be the only one

Sometimes I just feel like
A stranger in my life
Sometimes I don't feel right at all
I may be lonely
But maybe I'm supposed to be cuz'
No one's there to hear me when I call

Just when I thought I was all alone
You came and showed me I'm not on my own
I'm not that different, you've made me see
I've finally found someone like me

Things get complicated
So I've watched and waited
For the moment I'll find
Someone like me
I feel so underrated
Some just leave me frustrated
Maybe I've finally found
Someone like me
Track Name: Zero
Big things that seem so little
Heart strings that feel so brittle
What's this sound banging in my head
Hard times seem mild in passing
I feel fine but it's not lasting
I'm alive while I'm already dead
Listen to my bones breaking
Life has left my soul aching
Jaded words keep rolling off my tongue
Time passes I'm still standing
Am I clear for safe landing?
the hardest part's already done

There's no shame in starting fresh
I believe better life can come out of this
I'm awake, I'm alive
I've got the past put aside
Done with the regrets I'm not gonna miss
I won't let this happen again
So let's crank it down from ten
Forget the past, embrace tomorrow
Let's brush the dust off, back at zero

1, 2, 3, 4
Every word's an open door
And I keep slamming every single one
5, 6, 7, 8
Am I here to resuscitate
Or am I here to drown
Turn the clock back to
The days when I thought things through
Turn back all the deeds I've done
Wipe my score clean so
I'll be back to zero
Tomorrow's only just begun

I'm not gonna sit here and make believe
That a number is the difference between you and me
No matter where you've been or who you are
Back at zero you'll find a fresh start
Track Name: You Found Me (feat. Replacer)
Here I am, blood and bone
With a soul I've let go
Unlike the rest, to the test
I'd score average at best
You hold the cards, won my heart
You had it from the start
I've been half of our duet
I just didn't know it
And I watched from far away and never thought you'd be mine
It took so long to find that I had you all this time

And I heard a million voices
Calling out from the path of wrong choices
They thought they could set the world free
I watched the world rewinding
But suddenly I'm finding
I wasn't looking for you, but you found me

Here I am, take my hand
I'll show you a new land
It's my world, it's my heart
And it's fallen apart
But you can save what is left
And fill in all the rest
Seal the cracks in my soul
Now you've patched every hole
It wasn't long ago, I doubted you'd be mine
And now i'm amazed to find that I had you all this time

I know it won't always be the easy way
But we'll make it to see another day
Just when I think it's over I'll look and I'll see
You've been gazing back, ever since you found me
Track Name: Angels and Demons (feat. Feather)
Did you break your wings
When you fell from grace
When you came from heaven
To this darker place

Did you watch me fall
From the clouds on high
See the glimmer of tears
Streaming from my eye

I think I bruised my soul
Climbing back from hell
But if you're here to change me
Then it's just as well

Your scars run deep
But darling they will fade
They told me to fear you
But I'm not afraid

Don't hold back
We're here right now
There's nothing left here to keep us out, oh
As different as
The day and night
I'm starting to feel like this is right and
You're the memory I can't erase
You're the part of me I can't replace
You're the angel that loved me somehow
And you're the demon I can't live without

I'm the crossroads king
In this wretched land
You found me a mess
But I'm a better man

I could see it hidden
Right from the start
'Neath your jagged bones
Was a beating heart

And that heart is yours
Or what I have left
So take my secrets
Take them off my chest

That's why I'm here
I've been broken too
So maybe you can fix me
And I'll fix you

Welcome to my universe
Touch me now and break my curse
You'll be mine and I'll be yours
So let's live life in reverse
Back to basics, back in time
Meet you halfway in the sky
Breaking mirrors, smashing through
I don't need luck when I'm with you
Track Name: Ashes
When the world burned I faced the task
Of rebuilding what I made
I'd raise the sun again
I'd bring them through the end
And day by day they passed away
Right before my eyes
Six became a team of five
I couldn't help but pass them by

Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
Honor to glory
And iron to rust
Hate to bloodshed
From rise to fall
If I never have to die
Am I alive at all?

When flames would rise to my allies
I'd feel the pain inside
I was the victor at a cost
With every war a friend was lost
On deaf ears fell my cries of hurt
As the last one drove insane
He turned and went astray
Only my own blood to fade away

The nightmare began when it all ended
My own blood the one I had befriended
Ruled in harmony
The better side of me
But things broke down just when I thought I
Had lost everything I could I
Let her slip away
She turned her back on me
Track Name: Momentum
Wait - now if you let me just recall
I'll let you find, put in line the faults that made you fall
Stop don't give me a reason to leave
Or I will look inside myself behind the memories
I've moved on from you again
I'm stronger than you think I am
You've filled the space between with lies
Now I see darkness within your eyes

I've heard a thousand lies
I've seen the corrupt cry
I don't want to feel their shame
No, I won't play their twisted game
Without a care to give
I've got the rest of my years to live
I won't look back to regret them
No I don't wanna lose momentum

Stop - you never quite had your control
I still have mine as I am not renting out my soul
'Cuz I can hear the voices my head
I'll tune them out, outrun regrets until they're dead

No, not selling my soul
To the demons of old
I'm letting them go
Releasing them so
My reflection can't hold
Me back in the cold
Because I've been told
The future is gold
I feel like I'm free
Because now I can see
There's something out there
Waiting for me
Like bones in a cast
I'm healing at last
Now I'll conquer
My own past
Track Name: Mirrors (feat. PrinceWhateverer)
Sever the ties that hold you down
Spread out your wings and leave the ground
Take off your regrets
We aren't the rejects
This is revolution now
We are fighting for the truth
(To fight the lies within the shadows)
Warriors with everything to prove
(To see a new tomorrow)

Don't look there's faces looking back
An enemy I can't attack
I'm held a hostage by these eyes
Familiar faces I deny
One face regret, the other pain
Two eyes in my past stare with shame
In my reflection I see fear
So I'm smashing through these mirrors
I won't let my past hold me on the ground
So let's break this maze of mirrors down down down

We are the walls come crashing down
We are the throne and we're the crown
Don't be a sidekick
You're gonna like this
Watch all the darkness hit the ground
If we have the strength to believe
(We can see better days to come)
From our reflections we'll break free
(Let two sides become just one)

We won't be held back by the image our pasts
We'll push forward by the only thing that lasts

Feels like these shards are cutting deep
This battle's breaking all of me
Feels like a battle against time
This war is festering inside
We can move past this struggle here
It's time to conquer our own fears
And break free of our mirrors
Track Name: Rock The World
Here we're running on empty down this road
We're hanging on and we can't let go
We're leaving the world we know behind
Leaving the real life out of mind

And where we're going
We will find harmony
Tonight we're in a
Fictional reality
So let's get started
Our time has just begun
Here we'll discover
We're not the only ones

Oh, don't let it go
Don't let this moment pass you by
Stop, just let it flow
We're here to stay we're gonna rock the world tonight

Now welcome to the place we call a common ground
This is the place where hope is found
Give yourself a chance to let things go
And let your true techni-colors show

Now it's our time
We're going to watch the stars align
Hold on tight
We're gonna rock the world tonight
So let's forget about them
Let's only think about us
Now if you take just a step
Oh you'll start running for once
If this is all we've got
Then we can make it the best
Let's take the good times
And forget all the rest
Track Name: Where I Belong
Where I Belong

Spent years waiting for the time
I'd let you see the truth behind
The things I've come to understand
Ten years to learn a simple fact
Now there's no more holding back
You've become part of who I am
I'd wait a thousand years for you
But I hope that I won't have to
Every moment without you I'm left incomplete

Take me in your arms
Because mine are wide open
I guess I could be wrong
But right now I'm hoping
You can understand the way I feel
Because my love is real
Don't you even think
Just use your heart and
Tell me what you feel
When we're apart and
I want to stay to keep you strong
By your side is where I belong

Feel the wind filling our sails
Hold on, I won't let this fail
I'm never going to let this moment pass
Hours turning into days
Maybe oments come and fade away
But somehow these feelings always last
And all I ask of you is this
When I hit and when I miss
Will you be the one to cheer me on
Will you be the one to

So on the journey we have left
I'll be here until my final breath
I'll give you every single day
I'll dedicate my life story to you
I'll give you something to hold on to
My heart is yours to take
Track Name: Brain Damage (Bonus Track)
Dead philosophies
Fulfilled prophecies
Untold stories of the world you can't see
Your blind security
Is only vanity
Maintained by your soul's insanity

In your head there's a criminal out on the loose
He's got your silver tongue tied into a noose
Don't get twisted up telling truth from the lies
You've got a battle to fight within your mind

But you do what you do 'cuz you know what you've been through
Don't just do what the screen, what the TV tells you
Don't walk blindly like a mindless savage
It's like a chain rampage of brain damage

Fallen prodigies
Defeated fantasies
Truth locked up with the ghosts that haunt me
It's not a bad dream
It's more that it would seem
It's your emotional necromancy

In your head there's a criminal out on the loose
He's got your silver tongue tied into a noose
Don't get twisted up telling truth from the lies
You've got a battle to fight within your mind

I'm on the countdown
I'm bringing it down now
I know you're full of doubt
Come on and let it all out
I'm feeling so hard wired
And you're spinning your tires
Let's take it all away
Not a second to waste
Ignore all the voices
Make your own choices
Don't tell the bad what the good hides from you
Take a hint and understand
It's all part of the master plan
To orchestrate your feeble mind

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