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Masks - EP

by Aviators

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Hipercreative Okay this has to be among those albums that I listened through at least a hundred times... It's just so good! Favorite track: Love Bites.
DJ Fazbear
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DJ Fazbear Now this is an album that is amazing from start to beginning, not strange in Avi's discography but is welcomed to me the buyer.This album is one of the few albums that makes it hard for me to decide my favourite with a three way tie with Undying,Red Hood and Song of the Abyss. Well done Avi and thanks for this amazing album. Favorite track: Undying.
Dante204 thumbnail
Dante204 This one made history back then!!,it's what made me follow and subscribe to his channel this song means so much to me! Thank you Aviators for bringing this back with a bang and the remake lives up to the original! Avi4life Favorite track: Me, My Phobias, and I.
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The Red Hood 04:55
When once, long ago I was worn down and abused The strongest took the spoils And then we fell at their shoes But now they are gone And my sanity's kept by my chains So I bear them both in faith and hate For family and all that remains Fight, to ignite Not for gods nor the coming of night If I'm the last of the men to fall Then this warrior's growing in might For fear and for love And survival when push comes to shove The red hood is coming to take you home The bearer of soul and of light Old kings will fade When the last of the light's fading too The castles long have fallen And the paintings faded blue So here now you stand We are human yet both something new The last prize has been taken Now the red hood faces you Here in the ashes Balanced and whole I endlessly hunger For power of soul At the end of all the ages In the last of my crusades You're the red hood's last contender And the first one unafraid I'm regretful to have hurt you But this world's blood must be spilled I'll return home as a monster From the bad dream that I've killed
Masks 04:57
Creeping eyes from across this masquerade Feeling scared, every stare will cut like blades Dead inside, try to hide behind And shake the tremors Hiding with a smile in a crowded place Emoting through the lips of a plastic face Every word just a code that screams I'm owned by terror Are you scared to see what lies beneath Behind these artificial teeth Through the guilty strings this mask Controls its wearer Trapped in our own disguises Cut free but soulless still Our dreams are haunted by the Ghosts we kill Identities of silence In search of cheaper scares We're all surrounded by the Masks we wear Vilified for deeds done in the light Hiding away within plain sight These cloaks are keeping safe The secret faces Terrified of making one mistake Narrow mind 'till the soul begins to break We are just husks seeking The world's false graces Awake within the moment Asleep throughout our lives We suffer in this torment Ensnared in our own lies In facelessness we're equal When we're not even there You're someone underneath this Behind the mask you wear
Old friend, we seem surrounded As decay is closing in And the kiss of deadly silence Has been placed upon my skin For the code we're bound to follow You have led my last crusade Now we're swallowed by the city As it fades I will shield you from the darkness When the walls around us quake I will hold back all the monsters Until my bones begin to break When I've lost I'll have to leave you And the tears, they'll fall like rain If I'm taken by the shadows I will spare you from the pain Cry a requiem for sunlight Hide away now from the dark To me the angered deep is calling Tearing me apart Somehow the whispers do command me When the abyss has taken hold Now carry on in glory When I grow cold Foolishly I left the darkness creeping In this restless ruin my soul is bleeding I confess to you the dark Has taken me prisoner I am corrupt beyond any rescue I've forsaken my vow to protect you Oh, end these horrors Face the father of the sinister If the fight's over I will sacrifice my mind Just to know you'll still be breathing When the years have been unkind So continue on without me Guard my body and my flame Keep a watch over the wasteland When the world forgets my name
Undying 05:18
Trapped in spirit to the earth Where shadows find their due rebirth My blade has fallen but rises new The final blow will still strike true A gift, a curse, but not my own A wish to guide this power home Through all the ghosts along the way I'll live to fight another day Breath of the unyielding wind The dragon within Keeps the flesh alive To absolve my sin I'm the thief with a mark Redeemed by the Will of the undying spark The wolf in the dark I am bound by monarch The thief with a mark The undying spark The wolf in the dark Land of conquest, age of war The likes I've never seen before With spirits rising, and dead unrest This immortality's a test A gift, a curse, but not my own A wish to guide this power home Through all the ghosts along the way I'll live to fight another day I rot the world around us As the colors turn to gray In a tale of death and pestilence These footprints soon decay So let us fade together To a pure and mortal dream I'll fight my way to get there With this power in my bloodstream
Love Bites 06:30
Night of sin The eve of curses Wishing lust for Wicked ways Through the chants And hellish verses At the altar We'll start to pray Douse the candles End the ritual A mass of darkness Gone too far In you lies Vain desire To dance a hunt Beneath the stars Forbidden rites For moonlit nights Unleashed now Essence of love From above I've made our Hellbent mistake The devil's take At midnight Cursed with you The things we do When love bites No beast without A passion Yours chasing Death it seems For what else Does lie after It could end This fever dream Your kiss is Laced with poison You're turning Hearts to stone Huntress of Blood and wonder I feel the magic In my bones Out on the road through the midnight haze She drove a thousand miles in a bewitched craze To prey upon the one who began a cursed spell Summoned like a bat out of hell I didn't know and I didn't see The grave warning signs in front of me If the dead begin to dance we're running all night long I need a way out of this love gone wrong You've become a beast That I can't tame Your love's possession is a Devil's game
If only I could Step out of this shell I'd escape this do-it-yourself hell And I'd stand up tall Taller than the trees And see the path that someone's cleared for me Now wait a second I'm scared of the dark The sun has set now I've watched the light depart My feet are frozen I'm terrified I'm struggling To fight my fear tonight So how can I face my fears If they're all out to get me And I'm getting tired of wearing a disguise? Will you make them all disappear So there's no ghosts left to haunt me? Just me, my phobias and I I'm only human There's monsters waiting there I can't stand the sense of danger in the air I'm not a hero I'm so afraid I've never solved a single problem that I've made Now wait a minute In this haunted place I think I see Up there a ghastly face I hear it whisper It knows my fears Do I have the courage To make it out of here? If ever there was A moment I found Myself useless Then it would be now But I've made it this far Even if I'm lost I'll gather my courage Whatever the cost Because what's the purpose Of living this way I'm feeling my doubt swell But I push it away I may be afraid I may be bruised But I'm feeling like a winner So I can't lose So how can I face my fears If they're all out to get me And I'm getting tired of wearing a disguise? Will you make them all disappear So there's no ghosts left to haunt me? Just me, my phobias and I There's so much fear You'll make it disappear I've never been strong Until you proved me wrong
Have Faith 04:31
Lord explain what I'm seeing Now I'm down on my knees Devil's been in the backwoods Came to whisper to me I need to get back Mother Mary protect me Into the black Cry your heavenly tears Is my confession loud enough For you to hear? You gotta have faith To deliver from evil You gotta have faith In the shadow of death You gotta keep pace Looking over your shoulder You gotta embrace Your final breath You gotta take up Your sinner's burden To wear it on trial Like a crown of thorns You need to hold tight Like a man on a mission You gotta cut off These devil's horns Lord, allow me repentance Let me hear what I've done Seek the devil's acceptance Show her mercy and run So where does this end With a bullet or silence Won't let you pretend That the father can't hear Can you show me some strength to Wash away my fear Here on earth your own demons dwell Like miracles but instead from hell Now the enemy shows herself But father where are you? Through the darkness I've become lost Searching for this to bear my cross Now I'm ready to pay the cost But will you be there too?


Masks is a goodie bag of seasonal Halloween tracks and other fantastical spooky legends!


released October 25, 2019

Composed and performed by Tyler Shaw, Artwork by James Workman.




Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

Aviators is a Southwest Florida indie musician specializing in fantasy rock and gritty synthpop. Many songs are inspired directly by beloved video games, shows, films, and novels.

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