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From All Sides (Deluxe Version)

by Aviators

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TheNugget1999 Aviators first Album From All Sides delivers amazing quality and beautiful Instruments, I'm looking forward to see what comes next. Favorite track: Voices Of The Crowd.
DJ Fazbear
DJ Fazbear thumbnail
DJ Fazbear From All Sides is a complicated album for me:It's long,it's cheap and it's quite popular with many fans. But in my opinion it's not really the best album Avi's created. I also wouldn't consider giving it the title of being the album when Avi got to his current quality (I'd consider Ghosts in the Code having that). Although it's not my favourite album, I decided to purchase it and I enjoy some of the tracks, but not all. It's just a mixed bag of loves and hates. Favorite track: Shadows (Feat. Glaze).
Dolphin (Alexander Sheremet)
Dolphin (Alexander Sheremet) thumbnail
Dolphin (Alexander Sheremet) A nice blend of music and vocals - it's very pleasant to listen to the album. Especially I liked the Constellations. With all the different remixes included in this album, you can enjoy the song from all sides of it. Favorite track: Constellations (Cherax Destructor's Ursa Major Remix).
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Synthesia 06:50
Nightmares and white lies Shadows behind my eyes The beast within leaves me terrified I've tried to let it fade The monster I've made But it's creeping in from all sides I'm still looking for the truth Still hoping to find you Somehow I've got to find what's right Scared I will run away I'm losing hope today I can't tell the shadows from the light Secrets and darkness I can't escape this Disease eating at my mind The untamed side of me My own enemy I hold in a prison inside Watching, waiting, lights are fading Loving, hating, words degrading I can't fight the shadows within me Feeling hopeless, chaos rising Pain sets in as a part of me is dying My soul has grown too dark to see
Lost between the spaces of reality A world of uncertainty A web of lies to hold Back the truth from being told When you can't see the light When you can't tell wrong from right Erase the darkness and open up your eyes Don't fall, don't break, and you'll be okay Let go, lose control, but don't be afraid Stand against the hurt, stand against the pain You can face yourself when problems arise You hear hope calling through the battle cries Rise against the hate, rise against the lies When you face danger from all sides Every soul has its different sides Causing a conflict within the mind Do you really know Who you are inside When you can't see the light When you can't tell wrong from right Erase the darkness and open up your eyes Broken But you're still going So don't give up Search for the light Alone Fighting on your own When war is rising From all sides
Lights go out The sun goes down I stand and Turn around And watch the Stars above me Time goes by I fall apart Things come and go And try to break my heart I'm trapped and I can't seem to break free Constellations We're all fighting to find the truth With determination I'll fill the void between me and you Looking up I will depart I'll spread my wings so take my heart To the constellations and make my dreams come true Take me back To where I once was Turn on the lights In the sky above I'm lost in the Bitter darkness I can't breathe In your atmosphere Where have I gone And how did I get here I'm trying but I can't escape this
Tell me why I'm still feeling The pain from your words Tell me why I'm still bleeding It's like we're in separate worlds When did we fall apart Why do you feel this way All I wanted from the start Was to color all this gray Is it you Is it me Or is it something I can't see Break my heart Tear me apart But I will never let go We may be through But I'm not over you This doesn't feel right Could there more than meets the eye Tell my why I'm still reading Your deadly words Tell me why I'm still breathing There's so much hurt But how could you betray me Do you ever care Through the smoke I can't see This isn't fair I've been going on For so long I'm not that strong I can't last I'm fading fast So much wasted time has passed I am stained By all the pain Maybe I Have gone insane But I can't take it anymore I'm picking myself off the floor I'm coming back for you
Far From Me 04:25
What happened to the way we used to laugh The way we used to talk about everything What happened to who you were Are you still bleeding, suffering? Where did the good times go? Seems like everything has fallen apart I'm left alone with a broken heart How did we find a way to start a war? When did this become a battle to settle the score? And it feels like we're worlds apart Stumbling in the dark, you're so far from me What happened to who you used to be? Where did you lose track of who you are? Could it be me that changed? Maybe I caused us to grow apart I couldn't have guessed we'd end up this way Fighting with our words like knives Should we stay and fix what we've destroyed, or should we run for our lives? You used to be the one I could rely on You used to be my shoulder to cry on Now everything around is burning to the ground We've lost somehow you're far from me now Maybe it's time we open our eyes We've been so blind, we couldn't realize We unknowingly killed everything that we built All the memories inside of me have become my enemy I've lost you so suddenly and you're so far from me You broke my heart and it's still bleeding Love is blind but I'm still seeing After this now I'm believing You're so far from me
Let's speak up for the silent voices Stop making so many blind choices Stand up for what you know is right Don't look away for just one minute Don't ignore the fire, because you're in it Don't leave broken ones alone tonight We are the song Of the weak and the strong We're knocking down the walls, holding us back for so long We are the hope For those at the end of their rope Screaming so loud We're the voices of the crowd Let's cry out for the broken hearted Don't give up because we've just started This is a revolution that will never end Don't give up if you've been discouraged You've gotta stand up and show your courage It's for a purpose that you've been sent We are the fire that won't burn out We are the force that won't go down Threaten us but we'll stand our ground We are the voices of the crowd
Storm 06:14
Stuck for now I don't know how To get out of this alive The rain is falling And I hear you calling You help me fight the war inside And oh, I've been struggling for so long But the winds are getting strong And I can't pull through this alone The thunder grows loud And I know you can get me out You can get me through this storm The lighting strikes again I can feel you pull me in To your arms Will you protect me, will you save me? Will you be there for me? When I'm in the way of harm I'm not going on my own anymore Save me from danger, from the storm I'm so afraid of what's happening But when I hear your voice, it's so comforting I know you'll be my shelter in this storm
I've been watching you stumble Through the darkest night Let me tell you It's gonna be alright I can see you've been trying but Your wings got clipped Been waiting in line but Your turn got skipped I'll be there when you need me I'll be there when you call Yeah I'll be there to catch you when you fall Know that I'll never leave you Out here on your own I'll be the lights that guide you home Been a long time coming Feelings for you My hearts been skippin' a beat Maybe two Right now you're weak but But you'll be strong I know where there's a place That you belong I don't know if you want me Or if you care But even if you don't I'll be there 'Cuz when I'm beside you My soul burns bright Let me be the one Let me be your light Now I know you've had problems We could solve 'em We could make it through Tried and true We could fight 'em off, all of 'em We could make it through a brighter day, anyway Gettin' by another way So I guess I'm trying to say I wanna be the lights guiding you through the night When things get dark, when you don't know what's right I wanna hold your hand, and tell you that you can So don't worry, it's gonna be alright
I once told you all a little life lesson; I told you all to never back down So call me Tia; sometimes I’m messing but I’m always true to the golden crown Not old and brown, no, I’m not a mule. Come with me, we’ll go out of bounds Let’s canter guys cause a lot of you people are gonna know of the life you found I’m gonna bring you back to life No time for the lonely nights Break wide and show all your might So just go and fight and put down the knife Stand up now, don’t you leave I’ll open your eyes so you can see That live can be lived so happily   So open your mouth and breath for me Alive inside I'm not surprised Today I'm not giving myself away Tonight, oh, I'm doing what's right So won't you bring me back to life Was dead, I won't let it get to my head I won't back down I'll stand up instead Been broken down, turned around I've dealt with the strife So won't you bring me back to life Been through much worse than this I really really thought about cursing it Not ready for the grave or the hearse; I spit Wicked sh--, never even worked a bit Well dang, never made the story books The change ain’t worth how the glory looks I coulda took the path that old Maury took But instead I hung around and gave the story a look and Took the advice that I didn’t wanna take Love turned bitter, and the bitter turned hate Had no bones that I didn’t wanna break Thought I felt love when the love was all fake Life is a game and we are all choosing I always ask God "Why was I losing?" No time to stand with your movement I said just live and that's what I'm doing
The battle ends tonight It's time to fight our fight Hoping somehow we'll have the courage to be the Light in the darkest hour When things are turning sour Blind hope is worthless if we all we do is Wage our wars and fight in vain Suffer all this worthless pain We've got to answer a cry for help The world won't save itself We can be the heroes, we can dare to save the day Standing up to those still in our way With courage we'll keep fighting for The search we're on for something more Pushing through until the war is won We can be the heroes we've become Too late to be afraid Now we can't run away We've got to hold fast and embrace the strength we've Found in our time of doubt Somehow we'll make it out We'll find out who we really are Tonight we're never going down It's far too late to turn back now Not afraid of the perilous Oh no, we were born for this Now we'll make it out We'll stick together and get through this storm somehow It's too late to back down and run Hope is gone, but harmony's strong We've had the power in us all along To embrace the heroes that we've become


Over a year in the making, From All Sides is an album about fighting our own thoughts. It's about the darkness within every soul, and the mental battles we fight against ourselves every day. The album is dark, yet has lighthearted moments that bring redemption to the despair of the more hopeless tracks. The album also features guest artists; Glaze, Yelling at Cats, Vortex, Feather, and Bronyfied.


released April 22, 2013

Aviators, Abluskittle, Bronyfied, Glaze, Yelling at Cats, Vortex, Feather and Hmage.


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Aviators Fort Myers, Florida

Aviators is a Southwest Florida indie musician specializing in fantasy rock and gritty synthpop. Many songs are inspired directly by beloved video games, shows, films, and novels.

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